Vacuum Cupping Machine 150ml Cups Breast Butt Enlargement Machine Spa Use

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Breast/Butt Enlargement Machine for Salon Use

Model: LY-2191


- The vacuum pump can absorb fat particles and fluid, which can then enter the breast tissue and cells, making the breast more developed.

- Expel toxins, purify the lymphatic system, refine skin pores, reshape skin, improve microcirculation, and enhance collagen elasticity.

- Lift sagging muscles, resist wrinkles, activate the skin, remove eye bags and double jaws, eliminate wrinkles and telangiectasia, and treat sub-health.

Breast Butt Enlargement Machine Spa Use
Vacuum Cupping Machine

Breast Enlargement

Butt Enlargement

Body Detox

Butt Enlargement Machine

Lymph DetoxSuction Pump MassageSkin Lifting Machine

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