Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer Vibrate Infrared Pelvic Floor Strengthening Device

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Model: OT-AC407

Key Features

• Scientific 21-Day Training with 5 Modes: This pelvic floor muscle trainer has 5 working modes, including recovery-focused modes (1-3) that utilize contraction and relaxation techniques to repair the pelvic floor, as well as muscle relaxation (mode 4) and soothing tightening exercises (mode 5), you'll experience a holistic approach to pelvic floor restoration.

• Non-Invasive and Convenient Home Use: The non-invasive design eliminates the need for uncomfortable insertions, ensuring cleanliness, ease of use, and convenience. You can enjoy the freedom to perform your rehabilitation routine at home, without the hassle of hospital appointments, queues, or sharing equipment.

• High-Frequency Muscle Massage & Kegel Simulation: Our pelvic floor training device adopts high-frequency wave massage (4000 times/s) to soothe meridians, relax muscles, and release tension. In addition, it incorporates medium-frequency pulse simulation, which mimics Kegel exercises, stimulating specific muscle groups to restore pelvic floor function effectively.

• 630nm Photothermal Infrared Waves: Through the penetration of 630nm photothermal infrared waves, our pelvic floor strengthening device activates cells at a deep level, improving local cell vitality and metabolism for comprehensive pelvic health.

• Intelligent 38-44℃ Constant Temperature: With intelligent constant temperature magnetic wave heating, the women tightening machine creates a comfortable and therapeutic experience. By promoting local blood circulation, this innovative technology accelerates the reduction of swelling and pain while aiding tissue repair.

Product Description

Postpartum mothers often experience physical problems such as damaged pelvic floor muscles, urine leakage, and uterine prolapse. We specially produce pelvic floor muscle repair equipment to solve these problems.

Revitalize pelvic health with our 5-mode pelvic floor trainer. Non-invasive and easy-to-use, it employs medium-frequency pulses, infrared waves, and high-frequency massage for a 21-day recovery. In addition, intelligent temperature control enhances blood circulation and aids in swelling reduction. The most important is that it can be conveniently used at home for discreet and effective rehabilitation.


Material: ABS+ silicone +304 stainless steel

Magnetic wave thermal energy: 38-44℃

Output power: 12W

Battery capacity: 6000mAH

Charging time: 3 hours

Vibration frequency: 4000 times/second

Infrared light wave: 630nm

Size: 54 x 49 x 6cm/21.26 x 19.29 x 2.36 in

In the Box

1 x Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer

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