6 in 1 Hydrafacial Machine Professional for Facial Lifting Blackhead Removal

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Model: SR-AF1323

This multifunctional device combines cutting-edge technology with professional-grade skincare techniques to address a wide range of skin concerns and deliver remarkable results.
Acne Removal Machine

Bullet Points:
*Elevate Your Skincare Regimen 
Combat dryness, fine lines, and stubborn impurities, revealing a radiant and deeply hydrated complexion. Enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience that replenishes moisture and maximizes nutrient absorption for revitalized skin.

*Attain a Youthful Glow
Bid farewell to fine lines and welcome a sculpted "V" shape. Our beauty facial care machine restores skin's natural elasticity, diminishing fine lines for a youthful and captivating appearance wherever you go.

*Effectively Purify Your Pores
Tackle pore-clogging residues and excess oil with our Beauty Facial Care Machine. The Hydro Probe's deep cleansing action delves into pores, utilizing potent suction to eliminate impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated for longer-lasting radiance.

*Assured Quality & Warranty
Enjoy top-notch after-sales service with a 1-year warranty for the main unit and a 3-month warranty for accessories. Plus, benefit from a hassle-free 30-day return policy. Click the "Buy Now" button to embark on your beauty journey with confidence.

*Complete Skincare Solution
Address enlarged pores, excess oil, and signs of aging with our all-in-one Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine. Solve skin dryness, fine lines, and stubborn impurities, revealing a luminous complexion. Your path to radiant and healthy skin begins with a simple click!

Handle Functions:
Hydrafacial Probe: A versatile tool crafted for deep cleansing, dirt extraction, acne reduction, and the removal of excess grease and dirt from pores. 

Ultrasonic Probe: Employing high-frequency vibration, this handle rapidly infuses cosmetic nutrients into the skin, enhancing its absorption of nutrient content from skincare products. 

Hot & Cold Hammer: Promoting skin health by cooling to contract pores and stimulate metabolism, and heating to enhance nutrient absorption and circulation, this handle offers a comprehensive skincare solution. 

Skin Scrubber: Using high-frequency vibration, it effectively removes dead skin, decomposes grease, purifies, unclogs, and firms pores, leaving skin bright, clean, soft, and smooth. 

Bio With Photon Probe: Enhancing the absorption of nutrition and moisture, this handle reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin moisturized, soft, firm, and shiny. 

Oxygen Sprayer: By utilizing nutrient-rich ingredients, the oxygen sprayer creates fine molecular atomization, delivering essential nutrients to nourish and replenish the skin.

Technical Principles:
Spray: Utilizing high-pressure oxygen and water, our spray system disperses molecular particles smaller than 80 microns onto the skin. This process swiftly extracts pure oxygen from the air and combines it with water molecules, delivering a mixture of water-oxygen molecules to the skin's deeper layers. By replacing embedded toxins, it boosts energy production and metabolism, resulting in clear, translucent, and radiant skin.

Hot & Cold: Harnessing thermal expansion and contraction, our hot and cold therapy regulates metabolism rates. Cold therapy reduces skin sensitivity and alleviates issues like pain, swelling, and allergies, while heat therapy accelerates nutrient absorption, enhances metabolism, and eliminates metabolic waste naturally.

BIO: Our BIO system employs microcurrents to rejuvenate facial skin, stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity, and enhancing circulation. It enhances skin texture and promotes facial firmness for a revitalized appearance.

Hydro: Hydrogen-oxygen microbubbles convert pure water into ionized water, producing fine H2 molecules that deeply penetrate the skin for hydration and whitening. With the addition of a rotating cleaning water polisher, our system effectively removes free radicals, combating skin aging and ensuring thorough cleansing.

Scrubber: Our ultrasonic cleaning scrubber operates at a mechanical vibration frequency of 28,000 times per second, penetrating deep into the skin with ultrasonic cavitation. This disintegrates dirt particles, such as acne and boils, for a thorough cleansing effect.

Ultrasound: By employing high-frequency vibration, our ultrasound system reaches a frequency of 280,000 HZ/second, penetrating deeply into the subcutaneous tissue. This powerful energy drives facial skin to vibrate, removing sebum from pores, improving circulation, and stimulating collagen regeneration, resulting in glowing and elastic skin.

Input Power: AC110V-240V 50-60HZ
Ultrasound Frequency (Hz): 1M
Ultrasound Power (W): 12W
Microdermabrasion Power (W): 21W
Microdermabrasion Vacuum Suction (KPa): 55KPA
Microdermabrasion Vacuum Flow (L/min): 7L/MIN
Scrubber Frequency (Hz): 24KHZ
Scrubber Power (W): 3W
Spray Power (W): 11W
BIO Frequency (Hz): 62.5HZ
BIO Power (W): 2W
Hot and Cold Hammer Power: Cold:17W/Hot:6W
Hot and Cold Hammer Temperature: COLD:32-39.2°F HOT:113°F
Product Dimensions: 13.3”*11.8”*14.9” (34*30*38CM)
Net Weight (Kg): 4.9KG
Gross Weight (Kg): 5.7KG
Packing Dimensions: 32*27*39.5CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*Hot and Cold Hammer
1*Photon BIO Handle
1*Photon Ultrasonic Handle
1*HydraFacial Handle
1*Oxygen Sprayer
8*HydraFacial Tips
1 Set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Nozzle Cleaning Needle (with protective tube)
1*Accessory Kit

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