Red LED Light Therapy Pain Relief Laser Weight Arm Loss Belt Slimming

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Model: LT-OL705 

Weight Arm Loss Belt


The belt is stretchable with a rubber band, convenient to adjust.
Portable design, USB charging, convenient for use and carrying. It can be used at home and in travel.
Made of quality material, safe and durable for use.
Conform to ergonomic design, and fit well with body parts.

Weight Arm Loss Belt


Infrared LED light goes deep into joints and soft tissue, effective physiotherapy.
Suitable for soothing muscle and relieving shoulder pain, make you relax.
Help to promote blood circulation, a good assistant tool for the treatment of arthritis.

Weight Arm Loss Belt

Product Details:

Color: Black
Led number: 105pcs
Wavelength: 660nm/850nm
Input Voltage: 5V


Indoor use only: Light is not waterproof, and can not use in water or wet places.

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