Red Light Therapy Lipo Laser Belt for Body Slimming & Pain Relief

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Model: LT-OL712

This is our new arrival red light therapy belt, which is made with red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths. This product's light output coincides exactly with our cellular absorption in those ranges, ensuring maximum effects in the shortest time possible.

Extra-Large Pad - Up to 160*35cm, the wrap is bigger, flatter, and softer, with a larger area for better coverage on the back, neck, shoulder, and hip.

Infrared Light Device - With a 630 pcs LED device, the red light therapy pad is designed for pain relief, injury recovery, and muscle relaxation. And it is safe for all skin types.

Deep into the Muscle - Invisible infrared lights (880 nm wavelength) penetrate too deeply in 30-40 nm, making them beneficial for bones, joints, nerves, and deep muscle problems.

Safe & Natural Solution – No negative side effects. It helps speed up joint recovery and alleviates pain.

Red Light Therapy Lipo Laser Belt
body parts that can use
product showing
advantages of the machine

Product Details

Size: 160*35 CM

Color: Black

Led number: 630pcs

Wavelength: 660nm/850nm


1. Indoor use only

2. Light is not waterproof, and can not be used in water or wet places.

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