4 in 1 30K Cavitation Machine for Body Contouring Cupping Therapy

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Model: SD-43S2

Bullet Points:
*Quieter Procedure
Experience a serene and peaceful body sculpting session thanks to the innovative unoisetion cavitation technology, which significantly reduces noise levels, creating a more tranquil environment for your treatment.

*Personalized Treatment
Tailor your treatment experience to your unique needs by selecting between NOR and PRO modes, both powered by cutting-edge Smart 3D radio frequency technology. These modes offer a spectrum of options to personalize your sessions, ensuring an effective treatment every time.

*Comfortable Design
Indulge in ultimate comfort during your sessions with the crafted ergonomic handle design, which can target larger areas during treatments, ensuring ease of maneuverability and enhancing overall comfort throughout your session.

*User-Friendly Interface
Effortlessly navigate through your treatment options with the intuitive user interface provided by the vibrant color touch screen. This user-friendly design ensures a seamless and straightforward operation, allowing you to adjust settings and customize your session with ease and confidence. 

*Portable Convenience
The lightweight and portable design of this device allows you to effortlessly transport it between your home and salon. This versatility enhances accessibility, enabling you to enjoy professional-grade treatments wherever and whenever you desire. 

Handle Functions:
Cavitation & RF Body Shaping Handle: This revolutionary device merges ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies, tightening the skin and sculpting the body simultaneously.

Suction & RF Body Sculpting Handle: Utilizing RF energy, this handle heats the skin to boost collagen production, resulting in firmer skin. The vacuum function enhances circulation, accelerating the body's natural cleansing process for a comprehensive sculpting experience.

EMS & EL (Electroporation) Facial Rejuvenation Handle: Experience unparalleled facial revitalization with this handle, enhancing skincare product absorption for smoother, firmer skin and reducing fine lines.

Breast & Butt Cups: Tailored vacuum pump design swiftly enhances breast size and shape, improving elasticity and softness.

Cupping Cups: Boost circulation in specific regions, aiding in healing and relieving muscle tension.

Scrub Cups: Effectively cleanse the skin, eliminating deep-seated dirt, whiteheads, grease, and other pore residues.

Metal Fingertip Cups: Featuring metal spheres and negative suction for body massage, aiding in body sculpting and detoxification.

Technical Principles:
CAVI&RF: CAVI employs high-frequency vibration and radiofrequency heating to generate intense frictional movement within the body, leading to heat consumption and shaping effects. RF penetrates deeply into the skin tissue, stimulating collagen regeneration for contouring and tightening without damaging the outer layer.

RF&Suction: RF emits high-frequency radio waves to penetrate the skin layers, promoting collagen growth for firmer, more elastic skin. Suction enhances facial circulation, addressing skin laxity and tightening.

EMS&EL: EMS uses microcurrents to passively tighten and contour the skin, while EL momentarily shocks deep skin layers, enhancing product penetration and leaving skin smooth and elastic.

Breast Enhancement Cup: Utilizes vacuum negative pressure to lift breast muscles, enhancing breast appearance.

Negative Pressure Cup: Opens pores to expel body waste, promotes circulation, accelerates metabolism, detoxifies, and boosts immune function.

Suction Head Massage: Improves skin fluidity, elasticity, sensitivity, and immunity through negative air pressure massage.

30K  S Shape Cavitation Machine

face body care

body massage

Ultrasound Cavitation Frequency: 30KHz 
Ultrasound Cavitation Power: 50W 
RF Frequency: 5MHz 
RF Power: 85W 
Vacuum RF Frequency: 5MHz 
Vacuum RF Power: 85W 
Vacuum RF Suction Vacuum: <-80kPa 
Vacuum RF Pressure: >250kPa 
Vacuum RF Air flow: >10L/minute 
Vacuum RF Noise level: <70dB(30cm away) 
EMS Frequency: 4.5KHz 
EMS Power: 10W 
EL Frequency: 65Hz 
EL Power: 10W

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1* EMS& EL (Electroporation) Facial Anti-aging Handle
1*Ultrasound Cavitation & RF Body Shape Handle
1*Suction & RF Body Sculpture Handle
3 pairs*Cups for Breast (include 150ml size)
3 pairs*Cups for Cupping
6 pairs*Cups for Scrub
3*Metal Fingertip Cups for Rhythm Massage
2*Shot Connecting Tubes 
1*Long Connecting Tubes 
1*Power Supply Cord
1* Holder 

beauty machine

slimming machine

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