TECAR Physical Therapy Machine For Rehabilitation Pain Relief CET RET Pro Use

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Model: MF-22V1

Promote cell regeneration

The application of TECAR therapy to biological tissue produces the first biological effect regardless of the intensity. According to Dr. D\'Arsonval\'s principles: Winback energy
creates a flow of ions with fast electromagnetic oscillations in the cellular environment. These oscillations cause the cell membrane to depolarize (- to + ), open ion channels, and
increase permeability.

Increase blood circulation

By increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation, TECAR therapy helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to cells, promoting healing and tissue regeneration


TECAR therapy can effectively reduce inflammation in the body by increasing the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, signaling proteins that help control inflammation in the body

Pain relief

The most conductive tissues in the body are the nerves. High-frequency electromagnetic cardiac currents are conducted through nerves, interfering with nociceptors at the synaptic level. As a result, these nociceptors cannot interpret the electrical current, and the pain signal is switched off. Results are immediate and last up to 24 hours. It is equivalent to gate control but more efficient

Activation of fibroblast activity

TECAR energy mimics the activity of fibroblasts by making their synthetic bioavailable (essentially the cell type it needs). Fibroblasts are cells that help form connective tissue, the fibrous cellular material that supports and connects other tissues or organs in the body. They also play an important role in wound healing, the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, binding proteins, and more. …They are a building block of all tissues in the body and are essential to the healing process

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