Vacuum Cupping Breast Enlargement Lift Lymph Detox Therapy Machine

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Model: MS-2275

vacuum breast lift massage

The vacuum breast pump is a non-surgical breast enlargement treatment that is safe and effective. With several ineffective non-surgical breast lift treatments on the market, vacuum breast lifters show some hope for those seeking non-surgical breast enlargement treatment. Although some extended treatments may cause mild swelling of your breasts and make them a few millimeters higher, vacuum breast lift treatment is a safer option. The focus of treatment is on the chest muscles, which help to promote loose skin. It also helps lymph and blood circulate to the breast, which can help soften localized fat deposits. This revolutionary breast enhancement can boost and shape your breasts to help you achieve the confidence and look you want.

How long does the breast enlargement massager machine work?

The breast enlargement massager machine can work on breast, fingertips for body, thigh, leg, arm, back, cupping for back, stomach, face. 1-3 months for one treatment, one time for one day, 20-30 min for one time (15 min for the first time, then add the time according to the customers' standing ability.

Is cupping safe and effective?

Cupping is fairly safe, as long as you go to a trained health professional. But you could have these side effects in the area where the cups touch your skin.

Can you perform a lymphatic drainage massage at home?

You can go to a massage therapist for this type of massage, but with proper technique and a list of areas to massage, you can perform a lymphatic drainage massage at home on yourself or others.

What is Rhythm Massage?

Developed through a synthesis of traditional massage and somatic movement practice this treatment draws on elements of the modern medicine wheel creating a rich and dynamic full-body experience with each session being unique to you.

packing list

1 x main machine
3 pairs of cups for breast
3 pairs of cups for cupping
6 Pairs gas cup for scrub
3* Fingertip cups for rhythm massage
2 x shot connecting tubes
1 x long connecting tubes
1 x power line

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