9 In 1 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine RF Body Contouring Facial Beauty Device

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Model: MS-22S9SB

Bullet Points:
*Ultimate 9-in-1 Beauty Solution
With multi-polar RF, 40K cavitation, Vacuum RF, Photon Microcurrent, and LED laser all in one, this device offers a comprehensive beauty regimen. Sculpt your figure and illuminate your natural glow effortlessly.

*Personalized Solutions
Address specific concerns tailored to individual needs, from wrinkles and body shaping to firmness and dull complexion, providing customized solutions for every beauty journey.

*Naturally Enhancing Beauty
Operate within the body's natural metabolic processes, eliminating the need for injections, invasive procedures, or anesthesia, ensuring a natural and gentle approach to beauty enhancement.

*Elevate Your Business
Whether you run a beauty salon, studio, or professional clinic, this versatile device is your ultimate tool for transforming and boosting your business, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

*Hassle-Free Support
Access detailed installation and operation instructions in the user manual or video guide. Reach out to us anytime for further assistance, ensuring worry-free support whenever you need it.

Handle Functions:
40k Cavitation Handle: This versatile handle not only firms the skin and reduces orange peel skin on thighs but also boosts body metabolism, aiding in the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the body.

6-Polar Vacuum & RF Handle: By stimulating collagen production, this handle tightens and lifts the skin. The vacuum feature enhances circulation and metabolism, supporting detoxification and natural cleansing processes.

8-Polar RF Handle: Specifically designed for skin tightening, particularly on the abdomen, this handle utilizes radiofrequency technology. When combined with cavitation and vacuum, it enhances body sculpting outcomes.

6-Polar RF Handle: Utilizing radiofrequency waves, this handle heats the skin, stimulating collagen production for noticeable firming and tightening results.

Bipolar RF Handle: Targeting dark circles, wrinkles, and scars, this device accelerates collagen production while improving the skin's barrier function.

Cold Hammer: Providing a comprehensive skincare experience, the cold function calms, repairs, and minimizes pores.

Photon & Microcurrent Handle: Addressing various skin concerns, this handle rejuvenates aging and acne-prone skin, diminishes spots, and firms and lifts the skin while soothing sunburns.

LED Pads: Designed to tighten skin and contour the body, these laser lipo pads complement body shaping results. They can be used with cavitation and radiofrequency therapy or independently, offering versatile support for your aesthetic aspirations.

Technical Principles:
RF: Utilizing radiofrequency waves, this technology harnesses the skin's resistance to generate energy. By penetrating the skin's surface, it heats collagen fibers in deeper layers, causing them to contract and achieve lifting and tightening effects.

Vacuum: This method employs suction to pull and stretch the skin, stimulating muscle and skin tissue. This action promotes collagen and elastin growth and reorganization, increasing skin elasticity and firmness.

40K Cavitation: Using a head that emits intense sound waves at a frequency of 40,000 Hz, this technology generates strong impacts and friction within the body. These waves locally heat and cause instant rupture at the targeted area, resulting in a shaping effect.

Hot&Cold Therapy: The cold hammer rapidly reduces skin temperature through cold stimulation, contracting pores and soothing and repairing the skin. The hot hammer increases skin temperature through biological heat energy, opening pores for nutrient absorption and promoting facial circulation and metabolism.

BIO: By employing microcurrents, this technology penetrates deep into the skin, aiding nutrient and moisture absorption, promoting collagen regeneration, and maintaining skin moisture, softness, firmness, and radiance. It also diminishes wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.

LIPO LASER: This technology uses laser heating to target areas, utilizing non-surgical, non-invasive laser breakdown technology. By releasing low levels of laser energy, it stimulates physiological reactions, enhancing local body circulation, immune function, and metabolism. It tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and shapes the body simultaneously.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
8-pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
8-pole RF Power (W): 70W
6-pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
6-pole RF Power (W): 54W
2-pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
2-pole RF Power (W): 30W
Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
Vacuum RF Power (W): 79W
Vacuum RF Vacuum suction (KPa): -78Kpa
Vacuum RF Vacuum flow (L/min): 7LPM
Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 65dB
40K Frequency (Hz): 40KHZ
40K Power (W): 30W
Air-cooled hammer Power (W): 20W
Air-cooled hammer temperature: COLD:32-39.2°F HOT:113°F
Photon&BIO Frequency (Hz): 62.5HZ
Photon&BIO Power (W): 11W
5MW Laser Pad Power (W): 12W
Product Dimensions: 14.1”*11.8”*11”(36*30*28CM)
Net Weight (Kg): 8.27Kg
Gross Weight (Kg): 9.32Kg
Packing Dimensions: 38.5*35.5*28CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*6-pole Photon RF Handle
1*2-pole Photon RF Handle
1*6-Pole Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*40K Photon Handle
1*8-pole Photon RF Handle
1*Hot and Cold Hammer
1*Photon BIO Handle
8*Laser Pads (in 2 sizes)
1 set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Accessory Kit

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