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Ultrasonic Cavitation is one of the most effective ways to restore body contour, eliminate localized fat deposits, and combat cellulite at almost any stage. The S Shape Cavitation Machine is an innovation in ultrasonic cavitation technology in recent years.

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment has gained great popularity due to its absolute painlessness, lack of recovery period, and lasting results. Fat cells that have been broken down by cavitation do not recover. This is why ultrasonic cavitation is often compared to traditional liposuction.

What is S Shape Cavitation Machine?

Whether you're new to ultrasonic cavitation or a big fan of it, you need to know about this beauty novelty - the S Shape Cavitation Machine. we're excited to talk to you about our new update S Shape Cavitation Machine.

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The S Shape Cavitation Machine combines Face RF&Suction, EMS&EL, Body RF&Suction, RF&Ultrasound, and Lipo Laser into one of the most popular skin rejuvenation, firming, body contouring, and anti-aging beauty machines available. It can solve the skin and body management problems of beauty enthusiasts.

It can replace almost all facial and body treatments in beauty salons. Using the S Shape Cavitation Machine is injection-free, drug-free, non-surgical, non-invasive, and has no side effects. Patients can usually see results immediately after the first session.

Working Principle

  • Face RF&Suction

S Shape Cavitation Machine's uniquely designed RF suction head integrates RF and vacuum into one, where RF and vacuum can both stand-alone and complement each other. It allows for more effective, faster, and more uniform perfect contouring than ordinary RF.

Massaging the face with the RF handle with vacuum suction can effectively improve the fluidity of body fluids, enhance cell motility and improve skin elasticity, while improving blood circulation. In addition, RF heats the deep dermis to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, which can also effectively relieve the sagging condition of facial skin, thus tightening and lifting the skin.

  • EMS&EL

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is a technique of electrical muscle stimulation. EMS transmits signals directly to the muscles through microcurrent stimulation, which then causes the muscles to make passive movements, thus tightening the skin and making the facial contours more visible.

Electroporation (EL) uses electrical pulses to act on gaps in cell membranes through which larger molecules or hydrophilic molecules can enter the cells, thus promoting skin permeability.

  • Body RF&Suction

The body RF handle for different parts of the body to adjust different modes, slimming and shaping more efficient, more effective, and never hurt the body. The kneading sensation generated by vacuum suction can increase the tissue activity of skin and muscle, which helps to increase the elasticity of skin tissue, thus realizing slimming and shaping at the same time.

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It accelerates blood circulation, discharges toxins from the body through the normal circulation of the lymphatic system, and reduces undesirable body conditions such as spots and pigmentation that appear in various parts of the body.

  • RF&Ultrasound

The ultrasound cause strong impact and frictional movement to the body's fat cells, which effectively consumes heat and water from the cells and causes them to shrink and reduce. Moreover, the sound wave vibration will produce a strong impact on the cells. Then the fat cells will instantly burst and reduce, thus achieving the effect of fat removal.

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Advantages of S Shape Cavitation Machine

  • Facial and body treatments can be performed simultaneously.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation burns and removes fat, solving the worries of obese people.
  • You can choose different functions of the handle and adjust different working modes according to different needs.
  • Ergonomic handle design, easy to operate and easy to use.
  • One handle has multiple functions, more powerful and efficient.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation and RF combine to help lose weight, tighten skin, and increase skin elasticity.
  • Safe and painless fat dissolution with no downtime after treatment.
  • Can treat virtually all body parts with dramatic results.
  • There are no side effects with S Shape Cavitation Machines.

FAQs of S Shape Cavitation Machine

  • How long does it take to start seeing results from RF treatments?

Most patients will usually see results immediately after the first treatment. Since radiofrequency works by stimulating the subcutaneous tissue to promote collagen regeneration, the more treatments are given over time, the more the results will be visible. Importantly, the durability of the treatment outcome depends on the patient's lifestyle.

  • What are the functions of S Shape Cavitation Machine?

As an innovative technology of ultrasonic cavitation, S Shape Cavitation Machine has various functions such as fat reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging. It can apply to all body areas.

The S Shape Cavitation Machine can be used on the face to contour the face, remove wrinkles, and tighten loose skin. For the body, it can reduce local fat accumulation, create a perfect body contour, promote metabolism and body detoxification, etc.

  • Do I need to diet after ultrasonic cavitation treatment?

You need to correct your eating habits after treatment. This is because the use of the S Shape Cavitation Machine can dissolve fat and speed up metabolism. Patients are advised to avoid oily and spicy foods, as such foods can affect the normal metabolism of the body. In addition, proper exercise will help to speed up the metabolism and make the treatment results more obvious.

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