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Aristorm Cavitation Machine - What is It?

Aristorm Cavitation Machine - What is It?


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Traditional surgical procedures to remove excess adipose tissue needs more time and no safe. It is invasive, risky, and requires pre-operative preparation and a period of post-operative recovery. However, not everyone is comfortable with the pain and long recovery period of this traditional way. In addition, the cost is too high. 

fat reduction
If you are asking if there is an alternative to this way, the answer is "yes". We would like to talk to you about an alternative to the way above: ultrasonic cavitation, and one of its innovative technologies -  the Aristorm Cavitation Machine. First of all, the term "cavitation" has evolved from physics to cosmetology, describing the process of forming bubbles under the action of ultrasound. Cavitation is used in industry to clean parts or surfaces, and in medicine to treat and clean septic wounds, etc. And not long ago, aestheticians discovered that low-frequency ultrasound devices can also affect the body's fat layer, reducing its size.

cavitation 2.5 machine

How does ultrasonic cavitation work?

  1. Emitting low-frequency ultrasonic waves through a professional cavitation machine.
  2. low-frequency ultrasound acts on the inside of fat cells, forming a small bubble that gradually increases in size.
  3. the fat cell becomes larger under the action of sound waves.
  4. The cell membrane ruptures because the cell expansion cannot withstand the pressure.

The destroyed cell structures are broken down into triglycerides, which enter the lymphatic system and blood vessels and are eventually filtered by the liver and broken down into glucose. It should be noted that ultrasound only has a destructive effect on fat cells: the skin, muscles, and blood vessels are not harmed due to their strong and elastic structure.

What is Aristorm Cavitation Machine?

Aristorm Cavitation Machine is a series of upgraded cavitation machines, also called 40K cavitation 2.5 machines. The Aristorm Cavitation Machine uses 40KHz ultrasonic waves to act on the body to eliminate localized fat accumulation.

Cavitation 2.5 is an upgraded version of Cavitation 2.0. The Aristorm Cavitation Machine has been improved from the original and the overall quality has been greatly enhanced. Cavitation 2.5 has more powerful energy and combines the function of radiofrequency to bring better slimming and shaping effects. It has a larger cavitation probe than the original, allowing for more effective cavitation treatment.

Moreover, there are several multifunctional Aristorm cavitation machines equipped with different handles for facial treatments, such as face RF, eye RF, BIO, and hot&cold hammer. RF heat lifting acts on the facial area or around the eyes to effectively tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles. The hot hammer can open facial pores and promote sexual skin permeability; the cold hammer can shrink pores, calm, and repair.
skin tightening

Benefits of Aristorm Cavitation Machine

Ultrasonic cavitation, multi-polar RF, vacuum, BIO photonic micro-current, cold and hot hammer, lipo laser, etc. are being widely used in the beauty industry. Based on the popularity of these beauty machines among beauty enthusiasts and obese people, myChway Online's Aristorm Cavitation Machines aim to help customers solve various problems such as aging and sagging skin, excess fat, and body management. 
fat loss

The Aristorm Cavitation Machine is designed to firm the skin, eliminate cellulite, and anti-aging. It is widely applicable, convenient, and easy to use, and can replace any facial and body treatment procedures in the salon. The most important concern for clients is that it does not require any anesthesia or surgery and there are no side effects after the treatment.

As for its effectiveness, patients usually see significant physical changes after the first session. And as the number of treatments increases, the results will get better. If the patient is able to maintain a healthy diet and moderate amount of exercise after treatment, then his treatment effect will likely be permanent. This is because the lifestyle habits after treatment will determine the duration of the treatment effect.
body sculpting

Treatment Effect of Different Areas

  • Firming Skin & Anti-Aging

Aristorm Cavitation Machine is suitable for people with dull complexion, sagging skin, roughness, unclear facial contour, or large pores. It can not only tighten the skin but also improve the double chin. It also promotes skin absorption of nutrients, stimulates collagen production, and increases skin elasticity and smoothness.

  • Eye Anti-Wrinkle

Suitable for people with dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes. Helps to relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles and eye bags, and reduce fine lines and crow's feet around the eyes. It also accelerates metabolism, reduces dark spots, and prevents pigmentation.

  • Neck Treatment

Cavitation machine is suitable for "lowers" with rough, sagging skin or lymphatic obstruction on the neck. Helps to improve skin laxity, accelerate lymphatic drainage, increase skin elasticity and effectively prevent lymphatic diseases of the neck.

  • Body Management

This method is very suitable for patients who have flabby waist and abdomen due to frequent sedentary lifestyles and stretch marks after pregnancy. Cavitation treatment helps tighten the loose skin on the waist and abdomen, thus relieving problems such as stretch marks and obesity lines.

  • Arm Contouring

For people who have thick and flabby arms because Radiofrequency heating stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin to improve sagging arms and create a perfect arm line. 
arm slim

  • Back Shaping

Suitable for those who want to relieve sore shoulders and stiff shoulders and neck. Cavitation 2.5 helps reduce excess back fat and contour the back. Combined with RF and vacuum, it effectively unblocks meridians, increases blood circulation and metabolism, improves insomnia and dreaminess, and other problems, and strengthens the body. 
body contouring

  • Leg Contouring

Applying the Aristorm Cavitation Machine to the legs stimulates collagen production, tightens the skin, and removes excess fat from the legs. It also helps to increase circulation and detoxify the legs, invigorate blood circulation and unblock the leg meridians.

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