MYCHWAY 3 in 1 40K Home Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Sculpting RF Skin Tightening Machine

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Model: MS-33J3

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With a compact size and integrated three handles in one, this portable home body cavitation machine is your best choice. The 40K cavitation handle focuses on ultrasonic waves at the cellulite and breaks down the fat cells, achieving a satisfied body sculpting result. Meanwhile, the RF handle can help you tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

100% Honest Ultrasonic Home Cavitation Machine Reviews

As someone constantly on the quest for convenient and effective skin tightening and body sculpting solutions, you may be recommended to MYCHWAY 3 in 1 40K home cavitation machine.

Check this video out and discover genuine feedback from verified customers. This video may help you get comprehensive cavitation machine at home insights and make confident decisions for body transformation.

From the video, you can learn that the home cavitation machine results are effective and safe. We also got 4.7 out of 5 at Trustpilot, which shows our product's exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Home Cavitation Machine Reviews - 4.7 out of 5 at Trustpilot

Benefits of Best Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine for Home Use

Effective Body Cavitation Results at Home

Our home cavitation machine comes with one cavitation head. The cavitation head uses powerful 40Khz ultrasonic waves to penetrate deep skin and break down the fat cells to shape your body. This treatment is non-invasive and safe and requests no downtime.

40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Principle40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Update Handle

Spl-level RF Skin Tightening

This at home ultrasonic cavitation machine has two radio frequency (RF) skin tightening heads. These RF head providers use an electromagnetic device that generates heat to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells, allowing users to lift, tone their skin, and achieve a good complexion..

3 In 1 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine for RF Skin TighteningRF Skin Tightening

Convenience at Home

The compact design of this machine makes it an ideal choice for home use or small spa business. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful device without compromising on precious space.

Easy to Use

Setting up and using the machine is relatively straightforward. The user manual provides clear instructions, making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with beauty devices.

Using mychway ultrasonic cavitation machine to weight loseUsing mychway ultrasonic cavitation machine to facial care

Versatile Treatment Areas

This best at home body cavitation machine comes with 3 handles, including one 40k cavitation head, and two RF skin tightening heads. The cavitation head allows the users to use it on many areas of the body, like the arm, abdomen, thigh, etc. Two RF heads, one for the facial and one for the body help you tone your skin.

Package List

1 x Main Machine

1 x 40KHz Unoisetion Cavitation Handle

1 x Three-pole RF Handle for Face and Eyes' Around

1 x Sextupole RF Handle for Face and Body

1 x Power cord Power Supply Cord( Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) versions are available. Also we stock the USA, UK, AU, and EU plugs to suit the country all over the world.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do At Home Cavitation Machines Work?

Yes, cavitation works by breaking down the fat cells into a liquid form through ultrasonic waves. This method of treatment is used along with other weight loss programs to help with getting rid of excessive fat. It is a preferred method to other invasive procedures of eliminating body fat.

Are Home Cavitation Machines Effective?

Found in 2009, MYCHWAY has a professional R&D team, and doing beauty machine manufacture for decades years. Our machines have undergone rigorous market testing, affirming their effectiveness.

But we also understand that the effectiveness of home cavitation machines can vary among individuals. Factors such as body composition, lifestyle, and overall health can influence the results.

How To Use 40K Cavitation Machine At Home?

Our home cavitation machine is designed with use-simplicity so that you do have to spend much time learning to use it. But you also need to follow the at home cavitation machine manual to ensure safe and effective treatment.

You should keep in mind that the specific instructions may vary based on the machine model and brand, so it's crucial to refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Here is a general cavitation machine training video:

NOTE: Please use a specialized cavitation gel when you use an ultrasonic cavitation machine for treatment. The gel can protect your skin also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

For more information about home cavitation machines, you may email our service team at

How Long Does At Home Cavitation Sessions Last?

Usually, it takes 45 to 75 minutes for a cavitation session and we can see the result between 6 to 12 weeks. Since the procedure is customized according to an individual's needs and is non-surgical, it might take longer for some than others. Just persist in using it, and you will achieve a satisfying result.

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