Lipo Laser Machine with 650nm & 980nm LED Pads for Body Contouring

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Model: YH-6201

Bullet Points:
*Unlock Your Radiant Beauty
Elevate your beauty journey beyond mere routines with our LED laser technology, operating at dual wavelengths of 650nm and 980nm. It’s not just about physical transformation; it's a voyage of self-discovery and embracing your unique beauty.

*Versatile Modes for Personalized Treatment
Tailored for diverse needs, our machine offers 3 modes to sculpt your body or maintain achieved effects. Get ready for standout results that cater to your preferences.

*Feel Effortless Body Sculpting
Experience the serene nature of our procedures. Whether you want to nap, read, or catch up on TV, immerse yourself in comfort and witness the magic of the treatment unfold effortlessly.

*Enjoy Comprehensive Body Coverage
With 6 LED laser pads in 2 specifications, our machine ensures comprehensive coverage for your entire body, allowing for tailored and precise treatments that address your specific needs. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and embrace the personalized care you deserve.

Experience peace of mind with our non-invasive LED Laser technology, ensuring 100% safety throughout your beauty journey. Say goodbye to pain, scars, and downtime as you indulge in treatments designed for your comfort and confidence.

Handle Functions:
LED Pads: Featuring dual-wavelength LED laser technology, these pads enhance circulation and penetrate deep into skin, synergistically boosting body sculpting.

Technical Principles:
The laser board employs lasers with wavelengths spanning from 635nm to 980nm, falling within the visible light spectrum. These wavelengths penetrate deeply into the skin, enhancing local circulation and metabolism with low-level laser energy. This process tightens the skin, diminishes wrinkles, and sculpts the body simultaneously. Experience safe, painless, and side-effect-free treatment.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Laser Pads (4 Big, 2 Small) Power (W): 18W
Product Dimensions: 38*32*32.5CM
Net Weight (Kg): 4.2
Gross Weight (Kg): 5.32
Packing Dimensions: 45*42.5*26CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
8*Laser Pads (in 2 sizes)
1 set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Accessory Kit

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