Infrared Therapy Sauna Blanket Body Detox & Relaxation At Home Sauna Spa

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Model: WL-VS17

Bullet Points:
*Enhanced Penetration
Experience deeper penetration with our far infrared therapy, surpassing simple hot plate heating for superior treatment outcomes.

*Uniform Heating
Our denser heating wire ensures even heat distribution across the surface, leading to quicker heating times and precise temperature control.

*Effortless Body Transformation
Achieve your body sculpting goals effortlessly by indulging in 20~30 minutes of infrared sauna therapy from the comfort of your bed, delivering results comparable to a 6-mile run in terms of body perspiration.

*User-Friendly Design
Operate with ease using the remote control, allowing for convenient adjustment of settings without needing direct access to the control unit. Plus, the 69-inch host line provides flexibility in adjusting your body position without feeling constrained.

*Foldable & Portable
Enjoy the convenience of easy storage with our foldable blanket design, perfect for those with limited space. Save space while enjoying the benefits of infrared therapy wherever you go.

Handle Functions:
Far Infrared Blanket: It can promote metabolism and support detoxification. The deep penetration of infrared rays may help alleviate muscle and joint pain, reduce tension, and improve flexibility.

Technical Principles:
The instrument utilizes far-infrared heating, which delivers heat energy to the deep layers of skin tissue, causing a thermal response in the body. This can increase body circulation, promote metabolism, and help the body eliminate waste and improve immune system function.

Color: silver
Material: PVC
Power: 650w
Frequency: 50HZ-60Hz
Voltage: 110V or 220-240V

In the Box:
1 set* Mainframe
1*Power Wire
1 set*Blanket

product features
usage of the machine
carbon fiber of the machine
extra large of the machine
use as home spa

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