Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Machine Air Pressure Suit for Whole Body

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Model: DT-GS300

Pressure Slimming Suit Pressotherapy Body Contouring Weight Loss Machine SPA

  • Breast massage: operation of lobular hyperplasia.
  • Improve the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine.
  • Slimming & massaging
  • Five parts separately Use

MACHINE Slimming


This aircraft is a popular multi-function body slimming device combined with functions of far-infrared cellulite treatment, air-pressure lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation. The aesthetic can operate the far-infrared heating after a massage, then start the lymphatic drainage operations, and lastly uses low-frequency to tighten skin, to achieve systematic and comprehensive effects of fat loss and size reduction.

MACHINE Far Infrared


1. Lymphatic Drainage

    Designed sophistically, this instrument conducts the bioelectricity through the muscle to fat layer by electrode pads, forcing the muscle to do non-oxygenic exercise. These vigorous and intermittent exercise advance the energy consumption and fat-breaking process, promote waste excretion.

    2. Air Press Toxin Eliminate

      Equipped with five airbags for the arm, abdomen, thighs, and bootee, this air vibrant massager functions effectively in inner circulation improving body relaxation. Controlled by an intelligent system, ideal treating programs are available for you to choose from. Different working times, pressure, treating parts, and modes are available for you to adjust.

      3. Far Infrared Sauna

      Far infrared ray function becomes popular in weight loss treatment only for its deep heat effect and physical resonance. Far infrared ray conducts heat deep to 3 to 5 centimeters below the subcutaneous and breaks down the inner fat in quite a short time.


      - Detoxify, lymphatic drainage, deep relaxation;

      - Body shapes; tone body muscles;

      - Body slimming;

      - Improve the appearance of cellulite; Improved circulation.

      - Good for people who follow an inactive lifestyle and suffer from the problem of swelling, puffiness, etc.

      - Relieves pain, reduces stress, and fatigue by infrared


      Voltage: 110V/120V-220V/240V

      Frequency: 50 Hz - 60Hz

      Power: less than or same to 500W

      Safe voltage output: 36V

      Heat output:0 degree centigrade-80 degree centigrade

      Material: ABS

      Package Include

      1 x Host

      1 x Power line

      2 Bags x ballon power line

      2 x Hand ballon

      1 x Waist ballon

      2 x Leg ballon

      1 x Instruction

      MACHINE Sauna Spa

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