Professional 5 in 1 Body Care Machine For Body Sculpting & Skin Tightening

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Model: WL-800M

Bullet Points:
*Innovative Design for Effortless Precision
It ensures smooth movement, providing efficiency and durability. Sculpt and contour effortlessly with this soft-fitting device for optimal results in any scenario.

*Customized Heads for Specific Needs
The device comes with 5 interchangeable massage heads, allowing you to tailor treatments for body sculpting, skin refining, and soothing relaxation to meet all your needs.

*Precision Sculpting with Adjustable Frequency
Customize the frequency intensity for deep body shaping and muscle toning. Achieve optimal body shaping, promoting a rejuvenated and relaxed feeling.

*Boosted Circulation; Radiant Skin
Improve internal circulation, reduce pain, and remove wrinkles. Enjoy revitalized skin that feels smooth, pain-free, and youthful.

*Holistic Care for Complete Well-Being
Efficiently sculpt your body while enjoying a relaxing massage experience. This holistic solution addresses body contouring, skin enhancement, and overall well-being.

Handle Functions:
Body Massager: Enhancing internal circulation, alleviating pain, and relaxing muscles and tensions for an overall sense of well-being.

Technical Principles:
By harnessing steady and rhythmic mechanical force, this device adapts varied rotations to target specific body areas for either full-body or localized massage. Through diverse intensities and frequencies of mechanical motion, it boosts circulation, bolsters metabolism, and facilitates the elimination of metabolic byproducts. Moreover, the mechanical force prompts collagen contraction and restructuring, aiding in skin firming and contouring.

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*Vibrate Handle
5*Massage Head 
1*Power Cord

skin cleaning

remove fat

body massage

fat loss

skin cleaning

diminish pain

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