3 IN1 Unoisetioin Cavitation 2.0 Slimming Weight Loss Machine Skin Facial Care

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Model: MS-32J4

3 Probes Ultrasound Cavitation Facial Body Skin Massager Therapy Beauty Machinebody slimming


New 3 in 1 ultrasonic 40k cavitation slimming machine fat removal massage machine, an effective slimming solution! Non-invasive and effective, the health benefits are endless! Use the ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine to locate the problem area and see the obvious effect.


Body Slimming
Facial Slimming
Skin Lifting&Massage
Body Shaping Contouring
Accelerate Absorption
Dissolve Hypodermic Fat

The advantage of 3 IN 1 unoisetioin cavitation machine

- Body Slimming
- Tighten the slack skin.
- Enhance the speed of the body's metabolism, and speed up discharging of waste and moisture from the body.
- Partial or the whole body weight slimming
- Effectively improve the buttocks and the leg's orange skin, effectively solve the problem of abdomen skin slack after, etc.
- Free operation, non-anesthesia.
- No ruggedness.
- No bleeding, timidness, and bruise.
- No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
- No wounds, will not influence normal working and living.       

Technical Specifications

- Technology: Cavitation 2.0 unoisetion
- Cavitation frequency:40KHz
- Power:120W
- Flat head ultrasonic handle
- Cavitation frequency:1M Hz
- Pointed ultrasonic handle
- Cavitation frequency:1M Hz

Package Listing

Main Machine  x 1
Cavitation 40k Cellilute Slimming  x 1
Flat head ultrasonic handle for face  x 1
Pointed ultrasonic handle for eyes   x 1
Power cord  x 1

 weight losscellulite reduceSkin lifting

skin firmingdeep clean

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