Electric EMS Muscle Stimulation Butt Lift Breast Enlargement Beauty Machine

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Electric EMS Muscle Stimulation Body Massage Vacuum Beauty Machine

Model: LY-3000B

This 2 in 1 EMS body slimming machine effectively exercises muscles and nipples, promotes blood circulation, and accelerates metabolism. It helps lose weight, lifts, and firming skin.

With vacuum pumps, this machine can quickly improve the size and shape of breasts or butt without any aching or health threat.

What Can EMS Body Slimming Machine Do?

- Enhance blood circulation, removing body fatigue and stress.

- Unclogging mammary glands, developing strong and beautiful breasts.

- Reduce cellulite, Lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line.

Muscle Stimulation

Breast Enlarge

Beauty Machine

Microcurrent Muscle

Vacuum Therapy Machine

Electric EMS machine

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