160MW Lipo Laser Lipolysis Liposuction Machine with 12Pcs 635NM~650NM Laser Pads

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160MW Lipo Laser Machine with 8 Big Pads and 4 Small Pads

Model: LY-12111J

With cutting-edge laser lipolysis technology, the lipo laser machine offers a safe and no side-effect body contouring solution. Our laser lipolysis machine is non-invasive by utilizing low-level laser energy and the procedure needs minimal downtime and discomfort.

Because of its high performance, MYCHWAY laser liposuction machines are popular with spas and beauty salons.

Lipo laser machine

Why Choose the Lipo Laser Machine? 

Say goodbye to excess fat with laser physiotherapy, an easy, painless, and safe way to achieve a leaner and more toned physique.

Slimming Machine

Laser physiotherapy is a safe and effective way to reduce fat without disrupting your daily life. It does not cause any harm to the body and has no adverse effects on your work and personal life.

Lipo laser

The treatment is easy to operate and master, and the short treatment time makes it convenient for busy schedules. The lipo laser machine treatment procedure is painless and non-invasive, with no bleeding or side effects.

LED Laser

Laser physiotherapy can be used to reduce fat in various areas such as the abdomen, legs, and back. With repeated treatments, even in areas with less fat, you can achieve satisfactory results.

Beauty salon

Weight loss

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