2 In 1 Microcurrent Muscle Stimulator Slimming Heating EMS BIO Acupuncture Machine

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Model: LY-2001B


Our New Heating Microcurrent Muscle Stimulator EMS & BIO Acupuncture Slimming Machine is a very innovative machine, with an advanced EMS microcurrent muscle stimulator at the same time, it is also equipped with a heating function on the EMS pads, which can accelerate the circulation of the treatment area, and the additional BIO acupuncture allows the energy to be delivered to a deeper depth and can be treated. Another area where the pads are difficult to fix. LY-2001B is a rare product in 2023.

Why Choose 2in1 EMS&BIO Heating Machine

- BIO slim, reduce fat cell

- Improve skin tissue elasticity

- Improve blood circulation and balance, activate cells

- Strengthen the immune system

- Prevent sinus thrombosis

- Improves cellulite burning and reduction

- Relieve muscle spasms and pain after a sports injury

- EMS massager

- Electric muscle stimulator, body shaping

What Problem Can Be Solved?

1. This machine is based on the idea that the whole body is a biological and chemical entity, producing a compact square shape similar to the mid-frequency waves of manual massage, percussion, and acupuncture. By stimulating the body's nervous system, the restriction, and expansion of muscle movement adjusts the body's physiological balance and flushes excess toxins and water out of the body. At the same time, the waveform is specifically designed to simulate brain waves, convincing the muscle tissue that it is undergoing a muscle-conditioning exercise. Spontaneously, it promotes blood circulation and increases the flow of oxygen in the blood.

2. EMS heating technology affects the human body. When its frequency corresponds to the frequency of the movement of atomic and molecular water in the human body, a glow effect will occur, thereby increasing the temperature of some tissues and activated molecular water. Therefore, it can improve your body and health.

Package List

1 x Main machine

10 x pairs of heating EMS pads

10 x pairs of Electro-acupuncture sucker

20 x wires

1 Set Belts

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