2 In 1 Shock Wave Therapy Device For Fast Pain Relief

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Model: MF-21V3

What Is Ultrasonic Treatment?

Ultrasonic Therapy is a thermal effect created by the vibration of the gel on the skin and soft tissue that induces high-frequency sound waves.
Sound waves create microscopic stimuli in deep tissue molecules, increasing heat and friction, promoting the regeneration of tissue cells Metabolism to achieve the effect of promoting soft tissue healing.

Three Features of Ultrasound

1. Allows thermal energy to penetrate the human body
2. The human body can reach 42℃ through pure physical improvement
3. Non-invasive, no broken skin

Shockwave how to use and operate

1. Need to be used in conjunction with gel (the role of gel is to help the introduction of waves and lubricate the skin)
2. Select the appropriate impact head according to the prompts of the physiotherapy site (set the working frequency hz and energy range Bar)
3. You need to click \"start\" on the screen interface and then press the silver button on the handle to start hitting
4. During operation, you can click with a fixed click, or you can slowly move the handle to strike around the treatment site
5. Remove the handle after daily use to clear bullet debris from the \"bullet\" pipe for maintenance

Ultrasound how to use and operate

1. The working head needs to move slowly on the treatment site after a few minutes of fixed-point treatment
2. The working head should act vertically on the treatment site to achieve the best treatment effect
3. All parameter selection should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the patient


Shockwave Handle
Shockwave energy: 0.5~10bar
Shockwave frequency: 1-21Hz

Ultrasound Handle
Ultrasonic energy: 1-10 gears
Ultrasonic Model: 4 types(P1 P2 P3 P4)

Dimensions (when installed): 40*40.5*24cm
Net Weight: 16 kg
Gross Weight: 23.5 kg
Rated voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
screen size: about 8 inches

Package Listing

1 x Host
1 x Shockwave Grip
1 x Ultrasound Handle
1 x Impact Head(9 Working hands)
1 x Handle bracket
1 x Power cable
1 x Manual
4 x Bullet
1 x Brush
1 x Small iron rod
5 x Colloidal particles
10 x Matching sealing ring

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