3 Handles Freezing Cool Double Chin Removal Body Sculpting Machine

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Model: WL-7009CBX

Bullet Points:
*Unveil Your Ideal Body
Experience the transformation you've been dreaming of-a toned body, firmer skin, improved circulation, and a revitalized vitality await you with this coolsculpting body contouring treatment.

*Find a Chin Contour Enhancer
Say goodbye to double chins with our specially designed applicator, targeting and rejuvenating your chin area to enhance your facial contours effectively.

*Shortened Session Time
With each session lasting just 10-30 minutes, integrating it into your daily schedule is effortless and seamless, which makes it easy to use more frequently in everyday life.

*Achieve Sustained Results
You can notice results in as little as 4-6 weeks with regular treatments, and maintain your new look for 3-5 years with a sensible diet and exercise routine.

*Easy-to-Use Functionality
Our coolsculpting machine is easy to operate and quick to start up, providing a professional-grade treatment accessible to anyone looking to enhance their appearance.

Handle Functions:
Body Cooling: Frequently utilized for body contouring, aiding in enhancing the overall contour of the targeted region.

Jawline and Chin Cooling: It proves effective in refining and enhancing the definition of the jawline and chin profile.

Technical Principles:
Negative pressure cryolipolysis employs suction to draw specific areas of the body into a vacuum applicator. This method accurately controls the non-invasive extraction of cryogenic energy, delivering it to targeted grease-dissolving area. Once these areas reach a precise low temperature, triglycerides transition from liquid to solid form, crystallize, and degrade, leading to their eventual elimination from the body through metabolism. This process results in localized adipose loss, achieving the desired contouring effect.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Body Freezing Handle Power (W): 122W
Chin Freezing Handle Power (W): 80W
Body & Chin Freezing Handle Power (W): 185W
Handle Freezing Temperature: COLD: 23-59°F
Product Dimensions: 13”*16.9”*9.05”
Net Weight (Kg): 13.8
Gross Weight (Kg): 15.1
Packing Dimensions: 54*45*45CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*2D Medium Handle
1*2D Large Handle
1*Chin Handle
1 Set * Mounting Bracket
1*Funnel Set
1*Power Cord
1*Accessory Kit

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