30K/40K Cavitation Head Replacement for Cavitation Machine

Cavitation Head for: LY-54K2 [40K]
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Made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, the cavitation head replacement is the perfect addition to your ultrasonic cavitation slimming equipment.

cavitation treatment

Benefits of Cavitation Head Replacement:

Specialized Cavitation Technology

This head is crafted with specialized cavitation technology, delivering a potent combination of ultrasound energy and frequency for the efficient breakdown of fat cells. Achieve a smoother, more contoured appearance with every use.

High-Frequency Precision

Experience the power of high-frequency ultrasonic waves, precisely tuned for targeted fat reduction and cellulite treatment. Our cavitation head provides a focused approach, enhancing the efficiency of your body sculpting sessions.

Replacement Convenience

The cavitation head serves as a convenient replacement for your existing cavitation device. Upgrade your equipment effortlessly, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in your beauty treatments, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient body sculpting sessions.

Package Listing

1 x Cavitation Head

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cavitation head?

The cavitation head, or cavitation handle, is a part of ultrasonic cavitation slimming equipment. The cavitation head is capable of delivering ultrasonic waves at a specific frequency that penetrate deep into the skin to break down fat cells. It is non-invasive, safe, and no downtime.

According to the various frequencies of ultrasonic waves emitted by the cavitation machine, the cavitation head can be classified into the following types:

  • 30K cavitation head
  • 40K cavitation head
  • 60K cavitation head
  • 60K cavitation head

Ultrasound waves at diverse frequencies can penetrate the skin at varying depths to break down the fat cells. Typically, lower-frequency ultrasound waves reach deeper skin layers, meaning that ultrasound waves can break down fat cells at a greater depth in the skin.

However, it doesn't mean that the superiority of a lower-frequency cavitation head is better. We should choose the cavitation head depending on the specific body area and treatment objectives.

For instance, when targeting a small amount of cellulite reduction on the arms, it's advisable to use a higher-frequency ultrasound cavitation head.

The cavitation head also can be classified as whether it has a radiofrequency (RF) feature. There are so easy to distinguish whether the cavitation head has an RF feature. The cavitation head without the RF feature has a smooth surface. Rather, the cavitation RF head has radiofrequency poles on its surface. As you can see the difference below:

how to distinguish whether the cavitation head has RF

The cavitation RF head is considered superior to the standard cavitation head without RF. This is because it allows you to undergo body cavitation and RF skin tightening treatments simultaneously. While cavitation sculpts your body, RF helps firm and tighten your skin.

What is the principle of cavitation head?

Using ultrasonic technology, the cavitation head can continuously produce ultrasound waves at a specific frequency. The ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the skin and cause a disruptive vibration that breaks apart fat cells to achieve body-sculpting results. This is what we call body cavitation treatment.

working theory
handle testing

Are all cavitation heads universal?

No! Various brands employ distinct ultrasonic cavitation technologies, and even within the same brand, different machine models may feature diverse technical specifications. To maximize the cavitation machine's performance, it's advisable to select the cavitation head replacement from the original manufacturer.

If you can't ensure that the cavitation head replacement matches your machine, feel free to email our customer service team at service@mychway.online.

Can you use ultrasonic cavitation gel while using a cavitation head for cavitation treatment?

Yes, the ultrasonic cavitation gel is the perfect complement for cavitation treatments. Using the gel protects your skin by preventing you from experiencing uncomfortable sensations such as stinging when you use a cavitation handle. Also, the gel can help ultrasound waves penetrate your skin and muscles more easily and make the handle easier to glide on the skin. This will increase your cavitation efficiency.

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