30K Ultrasonic RF Cavitation 2.0 Body Care Body Slimming Weight Loss Machine

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Ultrasonic cavitation rf cellulite removal machine, Tighten the slack skin. effectively improve the buttocks and the legs' orange skin, effectively solve the problem of abdomen skin slack after, easy to lose weight, and keep the most perfect body.

Benefits Of Ultrasound Cavitation Machine

- Body contouring with no recovery time.

- Breaks up stubborn 'inflexible' fat deposits and releases toxins.

- Decrease of deep wrinkles, scars, and cellulite.

- No incision, anesthesia, or recovery time, and. Improves the appearance of hard fat and cellulite.

Technical Specifications

Ultrasound Cavitation Frequency: 30KHz

Power: 50W

RF Frequency: 5MHz

Power: 85W

Package Listing

1 x Main Machine

1 x Ultrasound Cavitation&RF Body Shape Handle

1 x Holder

1 x Power Supply Cord ( Both 110v and 220v voltage (frequency: 50/60Hz) versions are available. Also we stock the USA, UK, AU, EU plug to suit for the country all over the world.)

What Aftercare Is Advised?

To ensure your body responds well to ultrasound fat cavitation, drink 1.5L of water prior to and following your treatment. Stagger 2L intake of water over 24 hours, for three days post-treatment. Always carry a large bottle with you to encourage water intake.

It is important to stimulate the area after treatment, we advise massaging the area every day to help stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage.

The intervals between sessions recommended are at least 3-6 days.

A minimum of 20 minutes of elevated heart rate exercise is required post-treatment. This is best done immediately after your session and for 3 days following this is to ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off. If you don’t like cardio, infrared sauna sessions have a similar effect on the body.

Who Might Cavitation Not Be Right For?

If you have any of the following health conditions, unfortunately, you will NOT be able to have Ultrasound Cavitation.

Ultrasonic Cavitation is not for people with heart disease, kidney failure, or liver failure. It is not for those who are pregnant, and you must wait for a minimum of three months after childbirth or at least six months after the C-section.

- Poor Circulation (Blood & Lymph)

- Epilepsy

- Pregnancy or immediately after pregnancy

- Fever

- Alcohol or drug abuse

- Heart conditions

- Pacemaker

- Thrombosis

- High cholesterol


- Under the age of 18

- Breastfeeding

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