New 4 Pads Cold Freezing Fat Freeze Body Slimming Weight Loss Beauty Machine Spa Use

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Model: SM-7204N

New Arrival  Freeze Cold Slimming Fat Freeze Body Shaping Machine 4 Pads


Cooling Vacuum


Fat Freeze ,Body Slimming

Cold Fat ,Body Shaping 

Fat Freezing ,Cold System ,Weight Loss

How Does It Work?

Excessive fat in the body will damage people's appearance and exercise ability, and affect the health of the body. It may also cause excessive accumulation of various fat tissues in various parts of the body, including the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, knees, back, face, arms and other areas. And too much fatty tissue will make you uglier. Too much fat in the body also increases health risks. So freezing is an effective way to control or eliminate excess fat in the body.Plastic surgeons or dermatologists usually use special surgical instruments for suction to remove excess fat deposits to achieve slimming and reshaping the body, but this is an invasive method, and severe cases may have fatal complications. And other side effects. These temporary factors include swelling, painful bruising, pain, numbness, restricted mobility, and allergic reactions. In addition, the cost is high. There are other emerging technologies that can remove subcutaneous fat tissue, including guided mesotherapy and high-intensity focused ultrasound.Other non-invasive methods to remove excess fat include drugs, weight loss pills, regular exercise, diet control, or a combination of these methods. The disadvantage of these operations is that they are likely to be ineffective, or even impossible in some cases.Cooling surgery is considered to be the most effective method of fat loss.
Since it was put into use, this revolutionary new fat reduction method has been recognized as a major breakthrough in fat reduction technology. It is suitable for fat-intensive parts and parts with less fat, such as love handle (flank) and back fat. (Fat above the buttocks on both sides of the waist), belly and back fat, the cooling operation can produce amazing results.

Does Freeze Vacuum Therapy Really Work?

In the case of extremely low temperature, the triglycerides in the fat will be converted into solids. It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bumps, eliminate fat cells, and reduce excess fat, but this technology will not harm the surrounding tissues . When fat cells are exposed to a precisely cooled environment, they will trigger a natural decay process and gradually get rid of fat. In addition, through the body’s normal metabolism process, the fat cells in the treatment area will be gently removed, and eventually you will achieve the effect of body shaping.

What Are The Advantages?

1.  Safe and non-invasive, effective, no recovery time.
2. Touch skin 100% , larger contact area
3. Treatment areas: Back, abdomen, thigh, arm,  and so on

cold vacuum

fat freeze

body shaping

body sculpting

beauty machine

anti cellulite

weight loss

slimming machine


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