Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine RF Body Sculpting Machine with 6 Handles

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Model: MS-6651

Bullet Points:
*Anticipate Multiple Benefits
With its versatile handles, this device offers not just body shaping and skin tightening but also facial care and anti-aging solutions.

*Comprehensive Care
Targeting multiple areas, it provides holistic beauty solutions for the face, eyes, abdomen, legs, arms, and more, enhancing your overall appearance.

*Tailored Treatments
Adjust the energy level and duration to suit your comfort, ensuring effective yet gentle treatment customized to your needs.

*User-Friendly Touchscreen
Navigate settings effortlessly with the intuitive touchscreen interface, offering a modern and interactive experience familiar to touch gestures.

*Portable and Convenient
Its compact design makes it perfect for self-care treatments in the comfort of your own space, providing convenience and ease of use for all users.

Handle Functions:
Cooling Head: It can not only sooth and calm skin, reducing redness and swelling, but also refine pores and minimize pore sizing. 

40K Cavitation Probe: It’s often used for body contouring, aiming to shape and sculpt areas of the body, commonly applied to regions like the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. 

Sextupolar Vacuum RF Probe: It may assist in helping the body eliminate toxins and excess fluids, contributing to a reduction in localized swelling and improved contouring. 

Octupole RF Probe: The RF energy is intended to penetrate and heat the skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production, contributing to skin tightening and firming. 

Quadrupole RF Bio Probe: RF promotes the metabolism and proliferation of skin collagen through high electromagnetic wave change, thus achieving effects like facial lifting, wrinkle removal, and anti-aging. 

Bipolar RF Bio Probe: The thermal energy can be effective in relieving eye fatigue, dark circles, and eye bags. Due to its stimulation of collagen production, it can reduce lines around eyes.

Technical Principles:
RF: RF utilizes radiofrequency to generate heat energy in the skin's deep layers, stimulating collagen regeneration and skin metabolism. This process improves wrinkles and tightens the skin by promoting collagen regeneration and increasing skin temperature.

Body Vacuum: This method employs negative air pressure suction to massage the skin and muscles, enhancing body fluidity, skin activation, elasticity, and circulation. It also aids in excreting metabolic waste and increasing tissue activity for improved skin and muscle elasticity.

BIO: It utilizes microcurrents to stimulate collagen regeneration, improving facial skin elasticity, circulation, texture, and firmness.

Cooling: It calms sensitive skin, reduces pore size, and alleviates redness, swelling, tenderness, and pain, making it ideal for treating allergic skin.

40K Cavitation: This method utilizes powerful sound waves to rapidly vibrate and heat the target area, leading to instant shaping effects.

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
40K Frequency (Hz): 40KHZ
40K Power (W): 25W
6-Pole Vacuum RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
6-Pole Vacuum RF Power (W): 72W
6-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Suction (KPa): -73KPa
6-Pole Vacuum RF Vacuum Flow (L/min): 10
6-Pole Vacuum RF Noise Level (30cm away): 60
8-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
8-Pole RF Power (W): 50
4-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
4-Pole RF Power (W): 15W
4-Pole BIO Power (W): 30
2-Pole RF Frequency (Hz): 1MHZ
2-Pole RF Power (W): 21W
Cold Hammer Power (W): 70W
Product Dimensions: 13.8”*12.6”*16.5”(35.8*41.6*40.3CM)
Net Weight (Kg): 7.7
Gross Weight (Kg): 9
Packing Dimensions: 53.5*35*34CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*2-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*4-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*8-Pole Photon RF Handle
1*6-Pole Photon Vacuum RF Handle
1*40K Photon Handle
1*Cold Hammer
1 Set*Mounting Bracket
1*Power Cord
1*Funnel Set
1*Accessory Kit

6in1 Cavitation Ultrasonic  MachineUltrasonic Radio Frequency40K RF VacuumCellulite Removal  Machine

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