7 in 1 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

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Model: MS-6552SB


Bullet Points:
*All-in-One Versatility
This machine typically integrates multiple technologies, like ultrasound, radiofrequency, lipolysis, etc., so that a wide range of treatment can be achieved, no matter body sculpting, skin tightening, or facial anti-aging, which thus addresses various beauty concerns at a time.

*Safe & Pain-Free
By minimizing discomfort during treatments, your customers can relax and enjoy their experience without worrying about any pain or discomfort. This enhances their overall satisfaction and encourages repeat visits.

Investing in this cavitation machine eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices for different treatments. This can result in cost savings for businesses while providing your customers with a comprehensive range of services.

*User-Friendly Interface
With one-touch screen, intuitive controls, and simple navigation, you can easily operate the machine without extensive training or technical expertise. This reduces the learning curve and allows you to focus on delivering quality treatments to your customers.

*Compact Design
It takes up less space, making it suitable for smaller treatment rooms or areas with limited space availability. And its smaller size makes it easier to transport and maneuver, allowing for use in various settings such as spas, clinics, or even at home.

Handle Functions:
40k Cavitation Handle: It tightens skin, reduces the appearance of orange peel skin on your thighs, boosts body metabolism, and accelerates the discharge of wastes and moisture from your body.

Sextupolar Vacuum RF Handle: By combining the mechanism of RF energy and vacuum therapy, it creates a synergistic effect that enhances overall circulation and promotes metabolism. 

8-polar RF Handle: RF heats deep skin, stimulates collagen regeneration, and accelerates circulation in the underlying skin, thus achieving skin tightening, plumpness, and anti-aging.

LED Laser Pads: The laser leads the heat to the treatment area, and stimulates collagen production, thus bringing significant skin tightening and body shaping.

Eye RF & Bio Handle: It has the ability to achieve firmer skin around the eyes, eliminate under-eye bags and dark circles, as well as alleviate bloodshot eyes and fine lines.

Face RF & BIO Handle: It enhances skin permeability, facilitating improved nutrient absorption for enhanced skincare results.

Technical Principles:
Cavitation employs ultrasound to induce intense friction within the body, effectively burning calories by generating powerful sound waves that create friction. Additionally, the vibrating sound waves generate significant pressure on the skin, leading to immediate bursting and achieving body contouring.

Vacuum & RF combines negative pressure and RF technologies. Negative pressure is applied through a specialized suction head, massaging the skin, while RF utilizes thermal energy for lifting and tightening. By integrating RF and negative pressure systems, it can reshape the body more efficiently, rapidly, and uniformly compared to standalone RF treatments.

Lipo Laser utilizes red laser light, which has high penetrating capabilities within the skin's deep layers, causing thermal breakdown. It also boosts immune function and enhances body metabolism. This method is safe, with no pain or side effects.

RF radiofrequency waves penetrate the skin, leveraging skin resistance to generate energy that elevates the underlying skin temperature. This process swiftly and consistently heats, stimulating collagen growth for firming, lifting, and refining the skin's texture.

BIO employs micro-currents to drive active ingredients deeper into the skin. Through iontophoresis, it enhances product absorption, boosts skincare efficacy, invigorates the skin, accelerates metabolism, enhances skin vitality, and tackles concerns like skin laxity.

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*Eye RF & BIO Handpiece
1*Face RF & BIO Handpiece
1*Body RF Handpiece
1*Body Vacuum & RF Handpiece
1*40k Unoisetion Handpiece
10*Large Lipo Laser Pad
2*Small Lipo Laser Pad
1*Power Cord
3*Parts Rack

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