8 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation 40 RF Vacuum Weight Loss Slimming Beauty Machine

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Model: LS-89D1

Aristorm 8 in1 Cavitation 2.5 Rf Skin Lifting Body Shaping Beauty Machine

fat loss


1. 40K Cavitation Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction

2. Vacuum RF Body Massage, Body Detox, Skin Tightening

3. Microcurrent Face Skin Care, Ance Treatment

4. RF Skin Tightening

5. Bio Photon For Face Lifting

6. Hot&Cold Hammer Pores Shrinking, Facial Care

7. Skin Scrubber Deep Cleansing, Blackhead Removal

What Is Aristorm 8 IN 1 Beauty Machine?

Aristorm 8 IN 1 Is a Multifunction beauty machine, which is good for body sculpting & facial skin lifting ,combining ultrasonic 40k cavitation 2.5, 3D SMART RF& vacuum , rf radio frequency, bio, microcurrent photon,  Hot&Cold Hammer and skin scrubber handle. It is an advanced aesthetic solution for body and face, a good choice to be better. It is more professional and more effective, not only for body shaping but also for facial skin rejuvenation.

What Are The Advantages Of This Machine?

1. It Is suitable for your facial and body care.
2. Various working heads can do on different body area according to your needs.
3. One operator has multiple functions, like vacuum & rf . When you massage your body, at the same time, you can lift your skin.
4. The process is safe, painless and non-invasive, no recovery period.
5. No consumption, low cost, and quick effect.
6.  The treatment range is wider, and you can get faster results with less sessions.
7. It has advanced 40k cavitation 2.5 and smart 3d rf technology, effective for fat burning and get more obvious slimming result.
8. Easy to operate, good experience
9. Microcurrent face care , bio facial lifting.
10. Skin scrubber and facial ultrasonic handle for deep skin cleaning and skin  rejuvenation.

What Is Cavitation 2.5 ?

The new slimming machine uses cavitation 2.5 technology, which is a transition from cavitation 2.0 to cavitation 2.5. The effect is more obvious than Cavitation 1.0 and Cavitation 2.0. It is very popular among beauty salons and spas. Of course, it can be used personally and conveniently at home. In addition, they are convenient and easy to operate.

Dissolves fat, detoxifies lymph, tightens skin, and enhances skin elasticity.
It uses advanced radio frequency technology to generate a certain amount of energy, which can directly reach the deep layer of the fat body, so that the fat tissue is in a fast active state, and the heat in the cell body generates frictional heat. In addition, the temperature of the cell rises through sweat. The glands, hepato-intestinal circulation and lymphatic vessels excrete excess fat and toxins from the body to achieve the effect of dissolving fat quickly.

Improve cellulite and body sculpting.
The energy electrodes of the instrument use different frequencies to stimulate the corresponding treatment parts of the body, so that calories and fat are consumed again, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss and weight loss.

Technical Specifications

Power supply Input:100V-240V
Power: 190W

Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.5 Handle
Frequency: 40KHz
Power: 30W

6-polar Face RF Handle
Freqeuncy: 1MHz
Power: 30W

RF Vacuum Photon Handle
Vacuum: <-80kPa
Pressure: >250kPa
Air flow: >10L/minute
Noise level:<70db(30cm away)

Photon Microcurrent Handle
7 colors : Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Turquoise, White

Hot and Cold Hammer
Cold Hot Hammer
Cold: 0-5 degree
Hot: 45 degree

Ultrasonic Handle For Face
Freqeuncy: 1MHz
Power: 7W
Output voltage: DC 15V

2-polar BIO microcurrent Probe
Power supply output: 24V
Frequency: 1.5K
Power: 1W

Skin Scrubber
Power: 3W

Mains power output: 100VA

Package List

 1. Ultrasonic Cavitation 2.5 Handle   1 PCS
2. RF Vacuum Photon Handle for Body Massage    1 PCS
3. Mircocurrent Photon Handle for Skin Rejuvenation    1 PCS 
4. 6-polar RF Handle for Facial Skin Lifting    1 PCS
5.Hot and Cold Hammer    1 PCS
6. Ultrasonic Handle For Face Skin Tightening     1 PCS
7. Skin Scrubber    1 PCS
8. 2-polar Bio Microcurrent Handle Facial Care    1 PCS
9. Power Cord     1 PCS

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