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Model: WL-800W

Newest Weight Loss Vibrating Cellulite Massage Machine Massager

Cellulite Removal


This is the kind of equipment used by professional beauticians. Combining the advantages of the same kind of American and French products solves the problem of bad durability which exists generally in the same kind of product. It is a high-quality equipment used in the cosmetology field with independent intellectual property. Having the characteristic of new design, simple operation, and durability WL-800W is the best choice to be used in salons, hospitals, gymnasiums,school, and families to refresh and rejuvenate the skin & body.


1. The round massage head of rubber has the function of soft relax massage to improve internal circulation. It is used on the belly to speed peristalsis of the stomach intestine and excretion. The recommended speed is about 800rpm(Use the disposable film cover during operation)

2. Use a massage head with circle dots to massage rough and wrinkled skin, which can remove wrinkles, grind, and clean skin. Also, this massage head can be applied to heal the wounds of the surface skin and the deep fibrous tissue &remove scars. the recommended speed is 1600rpm-2400rpm.

3. Use half-sphere massage head to massage muscle, back & waist and stimulate the muscles of insufficient sport. The massage and stimulation prevent muscle from fatigue and hardening, keep joint flexibility, and diminish joint edema. With the speed of 2400rpm-3200rpm, the vibration aimed at the fat part is applied to soften and remove the fat as well as lose weight.

4. Columnar massage head is called a massage’s fingers in the stimulation of muscle. By squeeze and vibration, the massage head is used to diminish pain which is caused by hard, sprained, or tired muscles.With a speed of 2400rpm-3200rpm, the vibration aimed at the fat part is applied to soften and remove the fat as lose weight.

5. An adjustable height tube connector can be used with various kinds of spare parts to make a directional impact. The speed is 1600rpm-2400rpm


  • Main machine x 1
  • Vibrate handle x1
  • massage head x 5
  • Power Supply Cord x 1

Skin Rejuvenation

Body Slimming

Vibrating Cellulite Massager

back massager


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