EMS Muscle Stimulator Breast Enhancement Vacumm Cupping Body Slimming Machine

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EMS Pads Weight Loss  Vacuum Cupping Therapy Beauty Machine

Model: LB-61Q2

Muscle Stimulator


EMS Muscle Stimulator for Muscle Building

Butt/Breast Enlargement 

Relieves Body Pain

Body Massage Body Detox

What Is EMS Vacuum Cupping Machine?

It integrates the functions of EMS(Electrical Muscular Stimulation) and vacuum cupping. With one machine, you can use the ems pads to help with muscle growth and recovery and you can vacuum cupping to reshape the body.

Does It Work on Body Shaping and Fat Buring?

YES! Without changing exercise or diet, EMS has a significant impact on lower waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage.

And vacuum therapy combines the ancient cupping technique with negative pressure to help remove fat, waste, toxins, and excess water from the body.

Body Slimming

Muscle building

Weight loss

Breast Enlargemnt

Butt lifting

Pain Relief

Body Detox

Vacuum Cupping

Breast Enhancement Machine

beauty machine

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