New Fat Freezing Cooling Vaccum Body Sculpting Double Chin Fat Removal Slimming Machine

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Model: SM-7201NB

Fat Freezing Machine Cooling System Body Sculpting Fat Loss Body Shaping Machine

cold vacuum


Double Chin Fat Removal

Stubborn Fat of body Removal

Cooling system for anti cellulite

What Is Cool Technology Theory?

Excessive fat accumulation in the body will increase the health risk, and it will also damage the appearance of the person. If a variety of fat tissues are located in various parts of the body too much, including the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, knees, back, face, arms and other areas, it will cause your exercise ability to deteriorate, and at the same time affect our health and make your appearance look It's ugly. Therefore, we have to control and remove excess fat in the body, so fat freezing is the first choice for people with excess fat. This is a very effective and popular method。

Package List

Main machine   1PCS
Body Cooling handle    1PCS

Chin Coolnig Handle   1PCS
Water funnel   1PCS
Power cord   1 PCS
fuse    2  PCS
filter   2  PCS

fat freeze

body shaping

body sculpting

beauty machine

anti cellulite

weight loss

cold system

vacuum slimming

body contouring



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