Handheld Skin Scrubber Sound Wave Ion Skin Cleaning Device

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Model: JM-01

New Handheld Skin Scrubber Face Clean Skin Smoothing Blackhead Removal Device

blackhead removal

What are the Advantages?

1. Ultrasound has a broader treatment range, good curative effect, and instant effect. Thus, it wins attention from the beauty field.
2. It has stable power and can work for a long time without fatigue. And it triggers no adverse reactions from the skin due to misoperation or long-time use.
You can adjust the output power per your skin condition and needs, giving full play to its functions.
3. Ultrasonic skin scrubber is made of high hardness and purity stainless steel. Thus, it will not wear out rust, or have surface shedding. Moreover, the core piezoelectric vibrator that generates vibration istightly attached to the handpiece. It can operate
steadily for the long term under high temperatures, and its service life is significantly extended.
4. The device has high-speed, high-frequency, strong permeability and can generate ultrasonic waves, enabling it to transmit the vibrational waves'energy in all directions.
5. High-speed vibration removes dirt and aged keratins from deep skin. It breaks nutrients into molecular particles with high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, effectively enhancing skin absorption and infusing nutrition deeply into the dermis. Thus, it
makes skin shiny and elastic.
6. The design of the big round angle targets blind angles like the nasolabial groove, which is safe, comfortable, and harms no skin. Its concave side fits facial contour, and the wing and tip of the nose can also be cleaned thoroughly.

How To Use the Device?

1. After removing makeup, clean your face.
2. Apply a hot towel to your face for 2 minutes.
3. Turn on the device, select the cleaning mode, and then take the wet cotton pad; Place the scrubber down and tilt 45 degrees; Start from the chin and move the device slowly from bottom to top; You can treat the nose more, you can remove blackheads, and start To the effect of deep cleaning
4. Clean the face with a damp towel.
5. Apply nutrients evenly to the face and select the moisturizing mode; Place the scrubber up and tilt 45 degrees; Starting from the chin, slowly move the device from bottom to top.
7. Select the lifting mode; Place the scrubber up and tilt 45 degrees; Lift the device from the chin to the bottom of the ear, from the corner of the mouth to the center of the ear, from the forehead to the hairline.


1. People who just had plastic surgery or implanted prostheses or metal objects inside the treated parts.
2. People who recently injected hyaluronic acid, skin booster, or had an injection for wrinkle removal or plastic surgery.
3. People with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, severe thyroid, or malignant tumors.
4. People in the allergic period, with severely sensitive skin, or allergic to metals.
5. People with skin trauma or wounds.
6. People with skin disease or infectious disease.


1. Q: Why can an ultrasonic skin scrubber do deep

A: Ultrasonic skin scrubber utilizes ultrasonic emulsification, cleansing, and high-frequency vibration to atomizes cosmetic liquid, which goes deep into pores, emulsifying makeup residues. Therefore, it achieves deep cleansing without making the pores open.

2. Q: Can I use this ultrasonic skin scrubber in dry


A: No. You must use a medium. If you keep the face
moisturized and render the pores open, you can

achieve a better effect. It's advised to apply some

cosmetic liquid or nutrient solution before operation.

In this way, it can promote the absorption of
cosmetic liquid.

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Skin Scrubber


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