IPL Hair Removal Face Body Shaving Epilator Machine

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Painless Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Epilator Face Body Skin Device

What Is This Device?
This is a hair removal device for home use. It is more convenient and saves time. It is a professional laser Epilator, painless & non-irritation, treatment is safe and gentle. You can get quick treatment at home.


Professional laser Epilator, Hair Removal
Treatment is safe and gentle

 Do not use belows:
1. Intra-oral, genitals, mucosa, etc.
2. Plastic surgery
3. throat knot
4. eyeball, eyelid, around eyes
5. head
6. Acne area
7. Spots and moles
8. eyebrows, hair
9. ear
10. Nipple, Areola
11. Inside the navel
12. Large vein
13. Tattoo, body painting


Product name : Bevgeoling Hair Removal
Product number : NBB01
Product size : 47.6*54.3*240 mm
Rated input : 12V =- 3A
Power : 36W
Energy level : Gear 5
Base area : 3.3 cm2
Spectrum : 550-1200 nm
Stinagig,and transportation
Storage temperature : -10~60 C
Relative pressure: 50~106kPa
I Operating conditions
Operating temperature : 0~45°C
Humidity; 10%~90%RH
Relative pressure : 86~106kPa

 What Should We Pay Attention To?

1. Don't use the device with natu-
rally dark skin
2. Don't expose yourself before hair
3. Be sure to start in first gear when
using for the first time
4. When preparing hair removal, make
sure the hair removal window is close to
the skin, and then perform the hair
removal operation
5. Prohibited to use in dark environment
6. Wear protective glasses when using
7. Do not use it in direct sunlight to avoid
machine failure
8. Do not violently impact or shake this
9. Do not unplug directly without turning
off the machine to avoid damage to the


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