Vacuum Cupping Therapy Machine 150ml Breast Enlarger Buttock Lifting Machine

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Breast/Butt Enlargement Machine for Salon Use

Model: LY-2191

Bullet Points:
*Enhance Your Beauty Services
Enhance your beauty services with this affordable, versatile device. Its low investment cost means quick returns, thanks to its wide range of applications.

*Versatile Suction Attachments
With 3 sets of breast cups, 9 sets of cupping cups, and 3 grease cups, you can target specific areas to address various concerns, providing a personalized experience for each customer.

*Adjustable Vacuum Settings
Adjust the vacuum intensity to create personalized treatment plans tailored to your customers' unique goals, ensuring optimal results.

*User-Friendly Touchscreen
Control the machine effortlessly with a single tap on the intuitive screen, simplifying navigation and eliminating the need for complex manual controls.

*Reliable Customer Assistance
Detailed installation and operation instructions are provided in the user manual. For additional assistance, feel free to contact us anytime, ensuring you receive the support you need.

Handle Functions:
Breast & Butt Vacuum Cups: By enhancing circulation, these cups increase firmness and support natural enlargement of the breasts and butt.

Cupping Vacuum Cups: Applying gentle pressure to improve circulation and accelerate metabolism, aiding in detoxification.

Scrub Vacuum Cups: Used on facial skin for deep cleansing, improving elasticity, and reducing fine lines.

Plastic Fingertip Cups: In massage therapy, these cups relax muscles, relieve tension, and alleviate pain, while also potentially improving skin tone and texture for overall skin health.

Technical Principles:
Face Vacuum Cup: This cup utilizes suction and aspiration technology to precisely control negative pressure, effectively drawing impurities and superficial dirt from the skin surface. This deep pore cleansing process reduces acne formation, enhances facial circulation, and boosts skin's absorption capacity.

Slipperhead: Massaging the skin with negative air pressure suction improves fluidity, enhancing skin elasticity and diminishing fine lines. The alternating suction and release of air pressure also enhances body circulation, aiding in the elimination of metabolic waste, reducing spots and discoloration, and relieving pain symptoms.

Negative Pressure Cup: Employing efficient negative pressure technology, this cup adheres to the skin surface, stimulating deeper skin layers and collagen production. This effect enhances skin elasticity and firmness, reducing signs of aging. Additionally, it accelerates metabolism, promoting radiant, vibrant skin.

Breast Enhancement Cup: By applying vacuum negative pressure to the body, this cup exerts suction on breast tissue, activating collagen production and promoting new growth. This improves breast elasticity and shape, increasing fullness for a breast enhancement effect.

Breast Butt Enlargement Machine Spa Use

Breast Enlargement

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Cup Power(W): 16W
Cup Vacuum suction(KPa): -50cmHg
Cup Vacuum flow(L/min): 8LPM
Cup Noise Level(30cm away): 65dB
Product Dimensions: 12.4*7*9” (31.5*18*23CM)
Net Weight(Kg): 3.54Kg
Gross Weight(Kg): 4.24Kg
Packing Dimensions: 40*30*26CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
6*Breast Cups (in 3 sizes)
6*Cupping Cups (in 3 sizes)
12*Gas Cups (in 6 specifications)
2*Y-shaped Hose (in 2 sizes)
3*Plastic Vacuum Cups (34mm, 57mm, 79mm)
1*White Hose

Suction Pump MassageSkin Lifting Machine

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