Newest Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Skin Care Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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Model: SR-VR2012

Professional Fractional RF Radio Frequency Dot Matrix Wrinkle Removal Anti-aging Machine

skin care


1. Facial Skin Care

2. Facial Wrinkles Removal, Face Lifting, Anti-aging

3. Skin whitening, Improvement Of skin problems such as the dark complexion, thick pores, dry

4. Make the skin tender, skin rejuvenation

5.  Nutrition Injection

What Is Fractional RF Beauty Equipment ?

The fractional rf beauty machine uses dot matrix bipolar radio frequency technology, which is very advanced and effective. It uses a unique and innovative intelligent smart skin platform and dot matrix probe, which can produce a proper proportion of thermal effect, and heat the deep layer of the skin, promote collagen contraction, tighten the skin, and reduce cellulite. According to the different needs of customers, targeted treatments are carried out, such as improving skin texture and gloss, deep removal of pigments, and treatment of skin lesions. Radiofrequency treatment is non-surgical and safe. It can whiten and tighten the skin more comfortably, make your skin smoother, and make you look younger. Lattice radio frequency aims to improve sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, deal with rough and aging skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne, acne scars, etc. It can effectively improve the eyes, face, neck, and reshape the face.

Working Theory

1. The principle of radio frequency wrinkle removal
Under the osmotic effect of radio frequency, the subcutaneous tissue will be heated by its natural resistance movement, causing the collagen to shrink immediately, and finally more new collagen will be produced in the dermis. The continuous new collagen will make the dermis thicker and denser, thereby removing wrinkles, diminishing scars, whitening and firming the skin, and restoring skin elasticity.



Fractional RF frequency: 10MHZ
Fractional RF energy level: 1-20J/CM
Fractional RF head:2 types
Voltage: 100V-240V
Fraction RF tips
Fractional RF types: Interval pulse, continuous pulse


 Package List

1. main machine  1 PCS
2. power adapter   1 PCS
3. fractional rf gun    1 PCS
4. pcs fractional rf tips    2PCS

skin lifting

high frequency

anti wrinkle

anti aging

skin rejuvenation


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