Pdt Led Facial Skin Light Therapy Acne Removal Treatment With Mist Spray Steam B

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Model: LT-110R

The Product introduction:

1: New feature cold spray (using negative ion atomization technology, spray out after nano-sized water molecules, moisturize and clean pores)
2: New special hot compress: (Put on your eyes, keep your eyes open, let the heat directly act on the eyeballs, creating a moist, refreshing, and comfortable feeling. After applying it, massage the corners of the eyes, orbits and temples. This method can make the blood veins in the eyes. Unblocked, clear vision, good for preventing myopia and eliminating eye fatigue.)
3: New special ultraviolet disinfection light: (promote the body\'s absorption of calcium, sterilization and disinfection)


1. LED SYSTEM is a phototherapy machine which professional focuses on increase skin tissue synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres, to produce healthier, faster healing, younger looking and glowing skin.
2. LED technology that generates photons at different frequencies to penetrate into deeper layers of tissue. Different wavelengths (colors blue, green, red) of light will have different effects on the skin.
3. LED SYSTEM with Multi functions which is recommended for improving oily skin, removing marks and excess pigmentation, diminishing wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines and orange-peel skin, for firming skin, treating localised adiposity and for whitening teeth.


product name:Facial light
power:DC24V 4A 50HZ/60HZ
package size:33*40*18cm

Packing List

1 Pcs *LED Facial Mask
1 Pcs* Power Cable
1Pair * Protection Glasses

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