Red Light Therapy Belt

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Red Light Therapy Belt for Lower Back Pain and Weight Loss

Model: LT-OL700

Pain Relief and Weight Loss - The red light therapy belt can be worn around your lower back, or midsection for targeted relief. And it can also accelerate fat activity and achieve weight loss.

Safe and Affordable - You can wear this laser therapy belt while sitting down allowing the use of it while performing office work or sitting on a couch.

Advanced and Effective - The advanced belt design over the traditional mat is you can target 360 degrees around a specific area which maximizes the effectiveness of the far infrared heat and photons.

fat removal

Red Light Therapy Belt
Red Light Therapy Belt
Best Red Light Therapy Belt
Mychway Red Light Therapy Belt
Red Light Therapy Belt Functions

Product Details

Size: 121*20cm

Color: Black

Led number: 105pcs

Wavelength: 660nm/850nm

Package Listing

1x power cord

1x red light therapy belt

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