7 In 1 Skin Tightening RF Radio Frequency Skin Care Skin Scrubber Bio Face Lifting Machine

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Model: LS-78D5

Professional Hot&Cold Hammer acne treatment Skin Care Radio Frequency skin tightening beauty machine

skin care machine


1.Skin scrubber skin cleaning blackhead removal

2.Hot&Cold Hammer acne care treatment

3.Radio frequency skin tightening firming

4.Bio facial lifting

5.Ultrasound face care

What is 7 in 1 beauty machine?

This is a 7 in 1 beauty machine, which can clean the face according to different needs and can solve most skin problems. It contains a + cold and heat therapy hammer + + -ION skin lifting + six-pole radio frequency handle + high micro current handle + ultrasonic handle.
For different skin problems, this rf facial machine can be used for comprehensive care and deep cleansing of the face.
The overall design of the whole machine is more beautiful, more integrated and more compact, and the instrument is convenient to carry. It can be used in the spa or at home, which is convenient and efficient.

How Does Ultrasonic handles +Hot&Cold therapy hammer Work ?

1) Ultrasonic handle
Ultrasound uses sound wave vibration, which can play a role in facial cleansing and nutrition introduction. Ultrasound can stimulate the skin tissue, improve the permeability of cell membranes, promote collagen tissue, reduce wrinkles and invisible fine lines, and can also enhance the skin effect, making you look younger and healthier. Ultrasound accelerates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and furn the excess fat.
2) Hot and cold therapy hammer
After skin moisturizing and nutrient input, you can use a hot and cold hammer to shrink the pores. This cooling therapy can promote the tightening of sins, enhance and get the effect of acne removal, blackhead removal.

Does Sextupole RF handle really work?


face cleaning

anti wrinkle machine

skin firming machine

ultrasonic beauty machine

negative ion


deep clean

blackhead removal machine

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