SHR Elight IPL Permanent Hair Removal 3 In 1 YAG Laser Tattoo Remove SPA Machine

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Model: HR-AS1913

3 In 1 SHR Elight IPL Permanent Hair Removal YAG Laser Tattoo Remove SPA MachineIPL


E-LIGHT--Using IPL and RF dual-stage RF technology, it works against the entire dermis layer and connective tissue, stimulates collagen at different depths, rearranges and grows to achieve the therapeutic effect, dual-stage RF releases energy at the same time, and uses the skin to light The selective absorption can cause photopatholytic effect on various diseased tissues of epidermis and dermis. Because its requirements on light energy are far lower than traditional IPL, it can make the epidermal layer and dermal layer pigmented and vascular lesion tissues absorb more energy without damaging the epidermis and better remove these lesion tissues. To achieve the effect of treatment.

SHR--Professional 640nm-120onm hair removal wavelength, effective penetration depth can reach hair nipples, continuous luminescence guarantees that the target tissue generates enough heat to deactivate hair follicles and surrounding stem cells, and hair follicles shrink hair stop growing; the latest single pulse technology and sapphire The contact-type operation head synchronizes the operation and cooling, which not only has a long-term effect of removing hair, but also can protect normal skin tissue from being injured, and make customers feel more comfortable during the operation.

RF technology--first to ensure that the skin is comfortable and not damaged, and then use radio frequency radio waves to generate thermal energy transmission, accurately reach the deep layers of the skin to stimulate the ions in the body, charged colloid particles to produce rapid movement or vibration, and friction to generate thermal energy. When the skin's deep collagen tissue thermal energy reaches 45 ° -60 ° C, it will naturally produce immediate contraction, stimulate the secretion of more new collagen to fill the gaps of atrophied and lost collagen and rearrange it, rebuild the skin soft support, and finally achieve skin firming and filling Wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and shine.

SHR and Elight

  1. Permanent hair removal
    2. Skin rejuvenation and acne removal
    3. Remove freckle and red bloodshot

YAG Laser 

  1. Remove Freckle, tattoo remove, eyebrow wash
    2. Black Doll for skin whitening and rejuvenating
    3. Remove moles, birthmarks, pigments

Bipolar RF

Three-sized RF heads
1. Big one: Body lifting and shaping
2. Middle one: Facial Lifting and Anti-Wrinkle
3. Little one: Remove bags and dark circles under the eyes


1. Hair removal: permanent hair removal, indecent hair (growth hair) throughout the body, including lighter hair.
2. Remove Freckles: Freckles, melasma, sun spots, age spots, acne marks, facial blemishes.
3. Skin rejuvenation: Improves large pores, rough skin, and fine wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity.
4. Wrinkle Removal: Removal of real and pseudo wrinkles, anti-aging on the face and body.
5. Capillary dilation: red bloodshot, facial flushing.
6. Improve dull complexion, make skin clear and even in color
7. Specially remove red, brown, brown, and other colored tattoos
8. Effectively removes all kinds of eyebrows, embroidered eyebrows, dipped lips, tattoos, eyeliners, and lip liners.
9. Treatment of pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigmentation, such as age spots, birthmarks, moles of Ota, moles, etc.

Technical Parameter

Play screen:10.4-inch color touchscreen
Laser Energy:1-50J/cm²
Hair removal Spot size:10*40mm
IPL: 532nm/1064nm/1320mnm
Cooling System:Water cooled +semiconductor refrigeration+Air cooled

 YAGTattoo RemoveSPA

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