Ultrasonic High-Frequency Vibration Acne And Blackheads Removal Cleanser Device

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Model: NM-SN1S-US

 Facial Ultrasonic High-Frequency Vibration Acne And Blackheads Removal Cleanser Device



- Facial cleanser is small, easy to carry and operate.
- It is multifunctional to double cleanse the skin and infuse nutrition into the skin.
- It is easy to learn and operate with immediate effect, with no side effects.
-The hairbrush is made of qualified materials and is soft, thus having no hurt
to the skin and being eco-friendly.
- Three modes can be switched freely according to your skin or feeling.
- With top technology, solving 4 big facial problems, including cleaning&
moisturizing, brightening, removing blackheads, and reducing fine lines.
- It is safer and more convenient with a wireless charger.
- Ultrasonic can infuse nutrition into the skin, at the same time, it will export
the grease from pores, making moisture circulation in the pores, thus having
a double effect to the skin.
- It has a special memorizing function with faster and more convenient


The design of this beauty machine conforms to ergonomics that is comfortable, effort-saving, and have clear effects. Facial cleanser is believed to replace the traditional washing with hands and its cleaning effect is 8 times cleaner than washing with hands. Moreover, it is convenient and easy to operate. It solves skin issues for beauty lovers. This equipment is safe and requires no injection, no medication, and no operation, thus having no side effects. It is used externally during the whole process and has an immediate effect. Based on the principle of ultrasonic vibration, facial cleanser uses a hairbrush to
deeply clean pores, remove clogs, and make the metabolism of skin pores normal, thus reducing acne, blackheads, coarse pores, and such skin problems.

How To Use?

Step 1: First charging should be 10 hours or above.
Step 2: Insert the brush into the concave slot.
Step 3: Wet skin and brush with water;
Step 4: Lather up the cleanser and apply it on the skin or brush; Press for 2 seconds to turn it on. The default mode is the cleansing mode. Click the on/off button to switch the energy level. Select the level that works for you and start cleansing from forehead (40sec), to nose and chin (40sec), and cheeks (each side for 20 sec). The device turns off automatically at 2 min. (Press the on/off button to turn off the device until it stops vibration);
Step 5: 3 Levels of Cleaning
Level 1 (blue) is applicable to sensitive skin
Level 2 (purple) can be applied to cleanse pores and acne
Level 3 (red) brings evident results of removing makeup residues
Step 6: Press for 2 seconds to switch between cleansing and ultrasonic nutrition lead in and out and there are 3 levels of energy intensity
Step 7: The device is able to memorize the last setting
Step 8: Red light stays on during charging and turns blue when it’s fully charged
Step 9: Charging is needed when red light flashes
Step 10: Clean the device after treatment for next use
Step 11: Replace each brush every 3 months for better skin cleansing results







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