Vacuum Therapy Machine Portable Butt Lift Breast Enhancement Device for Home Use

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Model: MS-21C5

Bullet Points:
*Seamless Home Therapy
Experience the ultimate in home pampering with our innovative vacuum therapy machine. Say goodbye to salon appointments and hello to privacy and convenience right at your doorstep.

*Efficient Savings
Save both time and money with a one-time investment in our butt vacuum therapy machine, priced at less than $200. No more scheduling headaches or waiting rooms; now you can use the device whenever it suits your schedule.

*Your Safety First
Rest easy knowing our BBL machine is designed with your safety in mind. Enjoy a non-invasive, pain-free experience with minimal risk, allowing you to return to your routine seamlessly.

*Intuitive Design
Take charge with our user-friendly design. This compact device requires minimal space and is portable for beauty on the go.

*Immediate Enhancement, Enduring Elegance
Experience instant results and long-lasting beauty with our butt lift machine. Stimulate muscles, eliminate toxins, and enhance metabolism for a toned, smooth behind. Plus, kickstart collagen production for improved elasticity.

Handle Functions:
Vacuum Cups: 
① Butt Lift: Employing suction to elevate the buttocks and activate muscles, it yields a firmer, toned look while diminishing the appearance of orange peel skin and enhancing skin flexibility.
② Breast Enhancement: These cups utilize gentle suction to elevate the breasts, offering a natural route to a fuller, lifted bust without resorting to invasive methods.

Technical Principles:
The buttock cup utilizes vacuum negative pressure to stimulate the body. By generating varying rhythms of negative pressure within the buttocks, it enhances buttock muscles and achieves a lifted appearance. The negative pressure stimulates vitality, encourages functional activities, and boosts the body's resilience. The alternating negative pressure during operation keeps pores open, promoting skin breathing, enhancing oxygen absorption, and accelerating waste removal. This process also warms meridians, improves circulation, activates fluid movement, opens acupuncture points, relaxes muscles, and reduces swelling. Combined with deep massage, it aids in fluid drainage, clears meridians, tightens skin's elastic fibers, and prevents sagging.

Vacuum Therapy
Butt Lifting Breast Enlargement
Vacuum Cupping Massager Machine
Butt Lifting
Butt Lifting Breast Enlargement
Vacuum Therapy Butt Lifting

Input Power: 110V-220V 50HZ/60HZ
Vacuum Cup Power (W): 11W
Vacuum Cup Suction (KPa): 60KPa
Vacuum Cup Flow (L/min): 8LPM
Product Dimensions: 20.7*16.2*14.3CM (8.15”*6.34”*5.63”)
Net Weight (Kg): 2.3kg
Gross Weight (Kg): 3.4kg
Packing Dimensions(CM): 37.5*24.5*23.5CM

In the Box:
1*Main Machine
1*Y-Shaped Hose
2*150ML Cups
2*120ML Cups
2*90ML Cups
1*Power Cord
1*User Manual
1*Quick Guide
1*Accessory Kit


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