4 Ways To Facial Skincare At Home


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As we age, the process of skin regeneration slows down. If the skin of a newborn renews every 72 hours, the skin of an 18-35 year old renews almost once a month. And as the rate of collagen renewal slows, skin becomes thinner and less elastic.

Skin aging is the result of long-term exposure to UV radiation, lack of sleep, and stress. Relieving tension and improving blood circulation are simple ways you can restore healthy and glowing skin.


To get healthy skin and anti-aging, a good facial skincare routine is the most important thing! With the right help of some necessary facial skincare, tools can make our skincare more effective.

So, there are countless facial skincare tools promoted in the market, which one is the best for you? This blog will introduce you to four of the most popular facial skincare tools that you can use to determine if it is right for you based on your skin condition and needs.

Acne Needle

The acne needle is a base handle made of high-quality medical steel with a spoon-like nozzle on both sides. One end of the handle has a small hole of about 2 mm in diameter and the other end looks like a small spear mounted on the handle. This is a device used to remove blackheads and acne.

Acne needles are very convenient for cleaning the nose. If you press them with your hand, you may feel severe pain because there are many nerve endings in the area. The spoon is rolled smoothly over the surface of the epidermis and the collected oil and dead skin is cleaned regularly with a cotton pad.


It cannot be called a beauty tool in the full sense of the word, but it is usually used for high-quality surface cleaning of the face and can cope well with blackheads. In the salon, this is usually one of the options for a multifunctional combination of cosmetics. It is small and easy to use, so you can usually make use of it to remove blackheads yourself at home.

It is important to note that the acne needle needs to be sterilized before using it. Otherwise, it will be known as the cause of creating the problem rather than solving it.

Facial Massager

Facial massager, also known as a facial roller. You know how popular facial massagers are right now - handles with little jade rollers are advertised everywhere on various social media platforms. So, why are they good? What kind of facial skincare effect can it give you?

The roller massagers used for the face are different, but they are arranged on the same principle: they are one or two roller balls or rollers of different sizes placed on a comfortable handle. The roller balls are usually made of metal or stone - rose quartz, jade, and obsidian.


The essence of any massage is to relax muscles and relieve skin tension and stress. In this sense, a facial massager is no different from a body massage, but its popularity is not only because of this reason. The following are some of the benefits of facial massagers:

  • Improves blood circulation.Blood flow makes facial skin glowing and elastic, resulting in visually healthier, refreshed skin.
  • Reduces puffiness.Rolling the roller over the face eliminates swelling and bags under the eyes and sharpens facial contours - this is known as lymphatic drainage, a process of removing excess fluid from the lymph. As a result, the number of wrinkles begins to decrease and the skin becomes healthier after using the facial massager.
  • Soothes the skin and relieves tension.It is especially recommended that you place the rollers in the refrigerator before the procedure; muscle relaxation is a big step in favor of restoring skin elasticity when we feel stressed looking at our phones and computers all day.
  • Helps absorb nutrients from skincare products.Use of facial massagers with moisturizers and lotions to enhance the effect of skincare products on the skin.
  • Elimination of sinus congestion.This study is in its early stages, but the results are satisfactory.

Although facial massagers have many benefits for facial skincare, don't expect too much from them. Because no massager can shrink the face - only proper nutrition and exercise will help. However, you can use a facial massager to temporarily tighten and lift the facial skin.

Face Wash Brush

There are manual and electric face wash brushes that have emerged, and I prefer to purchase portable electric face wash brushes. Face wash brushes provide thorough and gentle facial skincare.

The facial scrubbing brush softens and exfoliates the face and the subcutaneous circulation is activated, so the facial tissues receive more oxygen and increase metabolism. As dead skin and oil are removed, this allows the facial scrub brush to cleanse pores. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which increases skin elasticity and improves skin tone.


However, the wash brush is not suitable for everyone, for example, people with too thin and dry skin, compromised skin integrity, dermatitis, and eczema may be suitable for this procedure.

Hydrafacial Facial Skin Care Routine

In addition to the previous three small beauty tools, Hydrafacial facial skin care performed in salons are also quite popular. Hydrafacial is a facial skin care procedure using a hardware device that not only provides a thorough facial cleansing but also allows you to enjoy vacuum massage, exfoliation, and other facial treatments.

Hydrafacial's innovative technology allows you to use the vacuum in combination with a serum that nourishes the dermis and activates the cell regeneration process. In addition, the Hydrafacial facial skincare procedure kind of does not have any painful sensations or visual stimulation. The esthetician adjusts the device to cleanse your face of blackheads, pimples, etc., using a suction force that is appropriate for your tolerance.


The effects of Hydrafacial are usually visible immediately after a session, as it deep cleanses the facial skin and provides a high-quality hydration effect. In turn, as the serum provides nutrients to the skin, it promotes the renewal of collagen and elastin, ultimately obtaining anti-aging and skin tightening effects.

In addition, Hydrafacial is approved for use on any type of skin. The duo of gentle exfoliation and continuous use of a serum with different effects makes facial skincare a pleasant and relaxing experience.

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