Must-Have Products for Your Body Sculpting SPA

Body shaping is still a hot industry in 2021, with people constantly starting a new body shaping spa business. So, what are the devices that you have to open a body shaping spa with? If you have a complete enough list of them, it can save a lot of money for you. You have to know the discount you get when you buy multiple products from a seller is not the same as when you buy only one product. So here are some must-have products for your body sculpting SPA, as a reference.

Cavitation Machine

Almost every body shaping spa needs to have a cavitation machine, cavitation body slimming project is an essential part of the body shaping spa projects.

  • Classical

If you need to buy the first cavitation machine for your spa, then I would recommend this classical 6 in 1 cavitation machine.

cavitation machine

It's a professional cavitation machine, there are many different remotes used to target different body areas. These heads or remotes are controlled with a touch screen.This device has 5 probes, there are 40K unoisetion cavitation head, vacuum RF head, three pole RF head for face, quadrupole RF head for neck and arms, multipolar RF head for back and thigh. In addition, this machine has lipo laser pads, which can be used as a slimming project alone.

This machine is fully functional and cost-effective, and there are many trainer who really like to use this machine for classes.

  • Advanced

You can also choose to buy a more advanced 6 in 1 lipo cavitation 2.5 machine if you have a good budget.

lipo cavitation machine

This machine won't actually be much more expensive than the classic model. The main upgrade is the energy increase of the empty handle and RF handle. The screen also became larger and easy to operate. The machine has the same handle and functionality as the classic model.

  • S Shape

If you already have a running spa, but want to upgrade your machine, I would highly recommend the S Shape machine.

cavitation machine

The energy of these handle are higher than the normal 40K machines. But energy isn't its main highlight. This machine is 30K cavitation machine. The 30K ultrasound acts on deeper fat layers than the 40K ultrasound, effectively remove stubborn fat. In addition, each handle of the machine combines two different functions to make the beauty work better.

RF heats deeper skin layers, stimulates collagen cells to reform in dermis, increases blood circulation in hypodermis. The ultrasound of special frequency is aimed at the parts that are difficult to lose weight in daily life, bringing amazing results.

  • Gels

Gel or cream is a must when using cavitation machine. They act as media to transfer the energy on the handle to the body. If these media are not used, the slimming effect will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the gel can also cool down and protect the skin.

ultrasonic gel

  • Wooden Massage Tool

Wood therapy will generally be carried out before cavitation treatment, which can play the role of relaxing muscles, speeding up blood circulation. It has a great help to reduce fat, there are many shapes of wooden massager, the cost is different.

Wooden Massage

  • Butt Cupping Machine

Body shaping is not only body slimming, but also includes butt/breast enhancement, these two are also hot projects. This treatment does not require the specialist to always operate on it, specialist only need to adjust the parameters of the machine can temporarily do other things. It will not take up a long time. The machine required for this treatment is a vacuum cupping machine.

vacuum therapy machine

The machine will be equipped with large cups for butt and breast, there will also have medium cups for back cupping and gas cups for scraping therapy. It is important to apply appropriate stimulation to the treatment site after cavitation treatment, which maximizes the effect of cavitation therapy. Scraping therapy is a very good choice, of course, you can also choose wood therapy.

  • LED Belt

LED laser belt is also a must in spa, it can assist and strengthen weight loss. This device is very convenient to use. For example, when you give the customer stomach treatment, you can open the belt on the bed, it can reduce the back fat while thin belly, this belt is not very expensive, generally around $100 for one.

LED belt

  • Trolley Cart

Of course, a spa can not be less trolley cart, it can place the machine, allow you to move the machine better, and if there are other shelves on the cart, you can put some gel or some small equipment on it, which can make your spa look cleaner.

Trolley cart

That is my recommended must-have list for a body shaping spa and hope this blog helps you.

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