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Hydrafacial - An Innovative Skin Rejuvenation Technology

Hydrafacial - An Innovative Skin Rejuvenation Technology


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Hydrafacial, also known as ‘hydrodermabrasion’, is an innovative skin rejuvenation technique that allows you to hydrate, exfoliate and cleanse your skin in one procedure. It can be conditionally divided into three phases: exfoliation, extraction, and application of antioxidants. Before starting the first phase, it is necessary to perform a surface cleansing (makeup removal) using appropriate cosmetics.

Hydrafacial treatment is performed on a specially designed Hydrafacial facial machine. It produces a proper stream of micro drops, high-pressure saline drops in the head of the device. Then, as they are released from the device, they come into contact with the skin and effectively remove dead skin cells.


The second stage of the treatment involves the application of active substances to the face in the same manner. The active ingredients used in the treatment contain proteins, antioxidants, and natural collagen. After cleansing, the skin can absorb the serum faster and most importantly more effectively, resulting in better skincare results.

Hydrafacial Technology

The Hydrafacial technique is a non-invasive skincare treatment that rejuvenates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin.

Dermabrasion is known to be a method of direct, controlled removal of a certain amount of the epidermal layer, sometimes even down to the dermal structure. One of the latest findings is the creation of a new technique—Hydrafacial (or hydrodermabrasion). It combines the effects of microdermabrasion's multifunctional antioxidant serum and is combined with vacuum technology.

The method has these advantages over the prototype: Hydrafacial can be used on all skin types. The procedure is comfortable and painless, and the treatment does not cause redness, irritation, tightness, or dryness of the skin.


The main difference between Hydrafacial and other similar treatments is that Hydrafacial does not use crystals for exfoliation during the treatment. Instead, a special patented disposable nozzle with a spiral ribbed surface is used. This nozzle provides a high level of antiseptic that exfoliates the skin to make it soft and delicate.

While exfoliating and enlarging pores, a serum containing antioxidants, moisturizing, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory ingredients is applied sequentially to the cleansed skin. After the treatment, a large number of keratinized particles that were originally left in the skin's dirt, sebum, and epidermis are removed from the skin's surface. After exfoliation, the skin regains its firmness and radiance.

Hydrafacial treatment is very quick and easy. They can usually be completed in a single session, but some clients may require multiple sessions, depending on the quality of their skin. Your aesthetician will carefully examine the condition of your skin before the treatment to assess if the treatment is right for you.

Hydrafacial treatment is recommended for all ages in the summer and winter months, with a basic session lasting 20-30 minutes. After the treatment, apply sunscreen, as even gentle exfoliation can make the skin more susceptible to sun irritation.

Benefits of Hydrafacial

  • It is an innovation in the hardware aesthetic market.
  • Short treatment time.
  • The treatment process is painless and comfortable.
  • No recovery period is required.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Results are visible immediately after a single treatment.
  • Solves multiple cosmetic problems at the same time
  • Can be used in combination with other methods.
  • Enhances the effects of the chemical skincare products used.
  • No age limit.
  • No seasonal restrictions.


Results for Hydrafacial

  • Equalizing skin tone.
  • Facial lifting.
  • Deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Intense moisturization.
  • Rejuvenating.

When Is A Hydrafacial Treatment Necessary?

You need hydrafacial treatment if you have the following problems with your skin:

  1. Skin has no luster

Cellular vitality decreases when the skin is dehydrated, and it accelerates cellular aging. Therefore, when the skin is dehydrated, the skin tends to age and will not become rosy and shiny.

  1. Skin becomes saggy

If the skin is dehydrated, the elasticity of the skin decreases. Dehydration leads to faster collagen loss, elastic fibers do not function properly, and the skin begins to sag and loses elasticity.


  1. Fine lines appear on the surface of the skin

Dehydrated skin leads to smaller and smaller cells, which gradually form fine lines, and wrinkles if not hydrated in time.

  1. A lot of dead skin on the surface

Dehydrated skin accelerates cellular aging and more dead skin begins to accumulate on the surface of the skin.

  1. Fat particles appear on the skin

If the skin is dehydrated, the skin's metabolism will slow down and toxins will easily accumulate in the body. If there is a large accumulation, the ability of the skin pores to absorb nutrients from skincare products will be weakened, which can easily lead to the accumulation of nutrients on the surface of the skin, which in turn can lead to the formation of fatty grains.

  1. Dry and tight skin

If the skin is dehydrated, the moisture and oxygen in the skin are in a state of lack, which can easily lead to loss of elasticity, softness, etc., and a feeling of tightness. 

Hydrafacial Treatment Steps

  1. Cleansing of pores and exfoliation of keratinized cells.
  2. Acid exfoliation using skincare products chosen according to the skin characteristics such as serums and glycolic acid.
  3. Deep cleansing of the skin according to the professional Hydrafacial technology vacuum, using special handles.
  4. Final stage of LED light therapy.
  5. Moisturizing the skin and giving it elasticity using a special combination of skincare products, which include antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.


Hydrafacial is a modern skincare treatment that combines several technologies. Here, the vacuum Hydrafacial instrument is combined with the use of various serums. The Hydrafacial treatment can also be used as a one-time quick skin treatment or as a procedure to remove skin imperfections.

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