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Beautiful and plump breasts are the pride of every woman. But what about those who don't get the perfect breast shape? Modern medicine offers a way to get rid of this situation by placing implants under the skin. Some traditional therapists will advise their patients to use various infusions, creams, or other devious methods that are said to help make the breasts bigger. However, there is another innovative breast enlargement treatment called ‘vacuum therapy’.

Vacuum Therapy And Massage

Vacuum therapy is the local application of air at a pressure below atmospheric pressure to certain parts of the body. Its synonyms are local decompression, cupping massage, vacuum massage. While ancient therapists usually used jars for vacuum therapy, today's beauty clinics and salons can already use professional vacuum therapy machine for vacuum therapy.

Vacuum therapy in the aesthetic industry is represented by vacuum massage, vacuum lymphatic drainage, vacuum cleansing and local vacuum decompression. Vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage are used for body contouring and facial aesthetics. Vacuum cleansing is a gentle way to cleanse the pores of the skin. Local decompression is most commonly used for breast enlargement and buttock lift treatments.

vacuum therapy

The use of vacuum therapy machine can be used not only for breast enlargement but also for other parts of the body. The special vacuum cup it uses is widely used by women who are unable to undergo surgical breast enlargement.

The essence of the action of this vacuum therapy machine is that the vacuum cup is placed over the breast and the air is then completely extracted from the cup. This creates a certain amount of pressure on the breast tissue, which increases the arterial blood flow, the blood vessels expand and the plasma moves to other adjacent tissues. It is during this process that an increase in breast size is observed.

The Effects of Vacuum Therapy for Breast Enlargement

The effect of vacuum therapy for breast massage is usually very positive, as it is only applied to women who have no contraindications to this method.

Vacuum therapy has given patients:

  • Improved breast tone.
  • The skin becomes more elastic and comfortable to touch.
  • The shape of the breasts is greatly improved.
  • Metabolism is activated.
  • Cellular aging is slowed down.
  • The volume of the mammary glands increases.

vacuum therapy

In order to obtain effective breast enlargement results, we usually recommend that patients need to undergo 10-15 vacuum therapy. You will need to take at least one day off between each session. The exact number of treatments and treatment plan will need to be determined in consultation with the appropriate professional.

Indications for Vacuum Therapy

Professional vacuum therapy machine are equipped with not only vacuum cups that fit the size of a woman's breast, but also smaller sized vacuum cups for vacuum lymphatic drainage massage, allowing you to choose the right size vacuum cup for the size of the area to be treated by the patient.

Since vacuum therapy was originally used for lymphatic drainage massage and treatment of soft tissues, among other things, vacuum therapy has these indications in addition to breast enlargement and buttock lift:

  • Applicable to the regulation of various neurological diseases and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Medical diseases: chronic tracheobronchitis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chronic constipation, etc.
  • Traumatology: post-traumatic and post-operative rehabilitation massage therapy.
  • Aesthetics: prevention of premature skin aging; elimination of double chin, cellulite, obesity; breast shape correction.

vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy helps:

  • Normalization of vascular blood flow.
  • Increased muscle activity.
  • Increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue.
  • Restoring the work of nerve endings.
  • Reduces pain in various parts of the body.

Scientists are convinced of the effectiveness of vacuum therapy technique and have done a lot to promote it. Due to the diversity of actions, vacuum therapy has been used in a wide range of medical fields.

Contraindications To Vacuum Therapy

Like any other massage method, breast vacuum massage has some contraindications that require special attention. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced specialist prior to treatment. So, who is not a good candidate for vacuum therapy?

vacuum therapy

  • People with damaged skin, especially if there are pustules or other types of acne on the chest.
  • Patients with viral or infectious diseases.
  • Patients with cancer.
  • People with cardiovascular disease.
  • Patients with respiratory tract dysfunction.
  • Patients with a tendency to bleed from the skin.
  • Patients with coagulation disorders.
  • People with lung diseases (including pneumonia).
  • Girls under 18 years of age.
  • People over 35 years old.

Review of Vacuum Breast Enlargement Therapy

There are very diverse reviews of vacuum breast enlargement therapy from patients who have undergone it. Some people try to do a similar treatment at home, but it is quite difficult to perform it for the first time, because you need to be very careful during the treatment and it is difficult to operate the equipment by yourself without help.

Therefore, we recommend that it is better to perform the vacuum breast enlargement therapy in a salon with the help of a professional, or to receive professional guidance before performing the vacuum therapy at home by yourself.

vacuum therapy

Many women notice that their breasts get bigger immediately after the first vacuum therapy. Sometimes the pain due to the vacuum therapy occurs under the breast and in the area where the corset passes, but it is not permanent and this pain disappears some time after the treatment is over.

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